Daruna - Unsettled Plains


The Plains are a large, relatively flat expanse of grasslands and veld that are generally bordered by the Gya River to the north, the Twisted Lands to the east, the Sangha Jungle to the south, and unknown territory to the west. The Tana River winds through the middle of this region.

Human settlements line the many river banks and flood plains of this region, while the Rahk Tribes roam across most of the less fertile areas. Roaming groups of Hyaka make up the third major group in the area. Though the human-controlled areas are fairly civilized and settled, the open plains controlled by the Rahk are, for the most part, wilderness, crossed only by scattered trails and paths used by caravans and swaths of crushed grass and soil left behind the huge herds of antelope, wildebeast and other grazing animals that migrate across the expanse.

Flat is a relative word when it comes to the Plains. They are crossed by various rivers and streams and damp, shadowy ravines that open at a travelers feet unexpectedly. Low hills rise from the surrounding flats, some natural, some the lost remnant of old construction buried under silt and dust. Here and there patches of scrubby trees, tall grass and twisting brambles and undergrowth, often clustered around natural springs or wells, form small self-contained ecosystems.