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Villa Staff


Musician hired by the party as villa staff. Samaya is short and chunky, with a round, cheerful face. She fled Moha late summer DE:643 in advance of the Kingdom of Light invasion. Sula heard her sing one night, and thought she sounded pretty good. She has a good voice, and can play several instruments, drums, the pan-flute, and the Sathar (a long-necked stringed instrument).

Vindo Mahan

Cook hired by the party as villa staff. His son Daksha Mahan works as cook's helper. Vindo is short, dark, thin, and has a fiery temper, which he directs at anyone who dares enter his kitchen while he's at work. His son Daksha, who serves as a cook's helper, is the only person exempted from his tirades. Though he is hard to get along with Vindo's meals are worth the pain. He can cook almost anything, but specializes in roasted meats and seafood.

Daksha Mahan

Cook's helper hired by the party as villa staff. Son of the cook, Vindo Mahan. Daksha looks much like his father, small, dark and thin. He rarely speaks beyond the minimal conversation required to do his job. He spends most of his off-duty hours outdoors, tending the small herb gardens near the house. Neither Daksha nor his father talk much about their past, and one gets the impression something bad happened to the boy's mother.

Jano Sarvam

Steward hired by the party as villa staff. Jano came highly recommended by both Lister's father and his uncle, a rare agreement between the two men. He served with Smeg during his final year in the military, working as a supply sergeant for the various barracks and mess halls in the city. After completing his service he spent a several years working for a timber importer, first as a dock manager, then as a general manager. While he does not have a tremendous background in dealing with a single house, he seems extremely competent and well-organized.

Sagara Chama

Housekeeper hired by the party as villa staff. Sagara is a weathered-looking older woman with a wry sense of humor. She is slightly stooped and has very long hair that she wears tied in a thick braid. She is hardworking, easy to get along with, and gives as good as she gets when it comes to dealing with the fiery cook, Vindo.


Groom hired by the party for the villa. Pasa is tall and rail-thin, with a gloomy countenance. He is a former slave, having earned his freedom while working in the army's stables. He enjoys his job, provided he is left to run the stables as he sees fit.


Stable boy hired by the party for the villa. No one knows much about Kama. He showed up begging for food one day, and Torin told him to muck out the barn if he wanted to eat. He did it well enough that Pasa agreed to keep him on as a stable boy.


Groundskeeper hired by the party as villa staff. Dhanas just showed up one day, working in the orchard. At first various people tried to chase him off; construction workers, Dunatra and Tripur, even Orca and Ramone all gave it a shot. He always came back. He actually seems to know what he's doing, so eventually you gave in and just showed him where to sleep. Ramone did a bit of checking, and apparently he worked for former owners as well. Dhanas is old, so old it almost hurts to watch him pruning trees, but he seems happy doing it, and does a great job. He's a bit slow, but works from dawn to dusk, with barely a pause for food and water.

Pushta Hayak

Hired by the party as captain of their guards Joined the group during the tourney, did OK, but got hammered by Vikus and Lat. Orca helped with a potion and yielded so he could render aid.


The party (with Pushta's aid) have hired six guards.