Daruna - Known Magic Items

Alchemy Items

Lumina Oil


Lumina Oil is a two-part liquid that glows with a pale greenish-yellow light when combined. The substances are inert when stored separately. Once combined one dose will illuminate a 3 square radius for 6 hours. Typically the combined liquid is held in a glass container.

As an alternative usage, Lumina Oil components can be applied to the eyes to provide the ability to see in the dark for 1 hour. This usage requires a DC 12 Heal check. Failure of the Heal check has no effect, but a critical failure results in temporary blindness for 1d4 hours.



Noxia is a variant of the common Smoke Bomb, enhanced with a foul-smelling chemical compound. They create a 2x2x2 square cloud lasting 3 rounds, but any creature within the cloud is stricken by the foul odors and suffers a -2 penalty to all attack rolls and skill checks (Fort DC 12).

Smoke Bomb


Smoke Bombs are made from bitumen and sulfur mixed with wax. This sticky substance is cast into small spheres, fitted with a cotton fuse, then coated with clay and allowed to harden. When lit they emit oily black smoke that fills a 2x2x2 square area for 3 rounds. A good breeze will dissipate the smoke very quickly.

Vitus Draught


A Vitus Draught instantly restores 1d8 health to the imbiber. Using a Draught places a great strain on the body. Drinking more than one dose in an 8 hour period inflicts a -1 Con penalty on the imbiber (Fort DC 15 ends, 4 hours per check).


Black Spider Potion

This potion contains 3 doses. When consumed the imbiber undergoes a hideous transformation into a huge spider, lasting 5 minutes. While in this form they retain their normal HP and BAB but lose any ability to use weapons or magical spells. They gain the following special powers:

Burning Aura Potion

This potion contains 2 doses. The drinker bursts into flame for 5 rounds, inflicting 1d8 fire damage on anyone within a 2 square radius at the beginning of each round. The drinker's own gear is unaffected. When the potion ends, the flames are sucked back into the imbiber's body, inflicting 1d8 damage upon them.

Elemental Protection

This potion grants the imbiber limited immunity to elemental damage (fire, cold, lightning, wind, earth). This protection halves the effect of any elemental attack and provides a +4 saving throw bonus when appropriate.

Great Healing Potion

This potent healing potion contains 3 doses. Each dose heals 6d6 damage, but requires a Fort DC 16 save or the subject falls into a coma-like slumber. Repeat Fort DC 16 save with a +1 each hour to awaken.

Invisibility Potion

The imbiber becomes Invisible for one hour. Offensive action ends the effect.



This black leather helm has a cowl-like cloth attached to it, giving it a hood-like appearance. When worn it grants the following bonuses:

Demon Spaulders

Spaulders of layered brass and black lacquer plates, covered in shifting lines of deep red with no apparent source. Each is decorated with a pair of spikes or spines. When worn the lines extend to cover all worn armor / clothing. These plates are obviously magical.

Disrupting Ring

The weapons (including fists) used by anyone wearing this ring are charged with positive plane energies, making them deadly to any undead creature. These energies negate any target undead's Damage Reduction and inflict an additional 1d8 damage on the target when a successful attack is made.

Enhancing Glyphs

These items are paper-thin slabs of polished stone, generally obsidian, turquoise, agate or similar semi-precious material. Each one to three inch wide stone is inscribed with a mystic glyph that reflects the magic contained within. Despite their thin and fragile appearance, the Glyphs are fairly sturdy, though if chipped or shattered their magic dissipates instantly.

Each Glyph contains a unique magical power trapped within its matrix. To make use of this power the Glyph must be bonded to its owner's flesh. This process requires placing the Glyph against the owner's skin and speaking its unique command word. The Glyph will instantly sear its way into its owner's flesh, causing 2d6 damage wound as it permanently attaches itself. This wound can only be healed by time and mundane means. Once placed the owner can invoke the power contained within the Glyph with a mental command. An embedded Glyph can be removed, but is destroyed in the process, which inflicts a wound like that caused by attachment. Each Glyph has a unique power:

Rejuvenation - This Glyph is cut from warm green malachite and radiates Good healing magic. When invoked the bearer gains accelerated healing, recovering 1d6 damage per round for three rounds. This power can be invoked twice per day.

Feather's Grasp - This obsidian Glyph radiates Good alteration magic. When invoked the bearer becomes light as a feather for nine rounds. While in this state they suffer no damage from falls, descending at a leisurely ten feet per round. This power can be invoked twice per day.

Helm of the Heron

This helm is fashioned from dull blue-gray metal. The back and sides cover the rear of the skull and are fitted with silvery chains covered in two to three in long feathers made from the same metal as the main helm. A large crest in the form of a heron's neck and head runs down the center of the helm.

Hippo's Tusk

This weapon has a bronze haft fitted with a thick, pointed head of hippo tusk. The haft is wrapped with thick gray hippo hide, and the sides of the head are carved and inlaid with the image of a pack of hippos rising from the waters. Hippo's Tusk is a 1H martial weapon, equivalent to a Heavy Pick.

Holy Scroll

Holy Scrolls are artifacts of temples of the Lost Kingdoms. Each bears unique symbols and signs that generate powerful effects when activated by blood. To activate a scroll, they must be placed upon the target, and then an animal sacrifice (at least a goat in size), must be made and dedicated to the deity named on the scroll. The quality of the ceremony performed, and the animal used will determine the bonus applied to the magical effect:

A Holy Scroll can be used for the following purposes. A saving throw by the target of the scroll's magic may be required.

Jade Tree

This statue of a plum tree is about one-foot tall. The trunk rises from a carved chunk of stone shaped like a rocky cliff. When the tree is exposed to sunlight and watered with at least one quart of water, it grows into a miniature tree, eight feet tall, and sprouts six small purple plums, which ripen and drop to the ground after one hour. The tree remains at its full size for eight hours before shrinking back to its tiny form. It cannot be moved while large, as it is firmly rooted in the ground. Consuming one of the plum-fruits provides the equivalent of a full meal. The plums last for a maximum of 24 hours before rotting.

Leaping Antelope Pendant

A stylized pendant of a leaping antelope done is ripple-grained wood trimmed with polished bronze. Tiny amethysts decorate hooves and horns, and the eye is a small diamond. (value 500 GP). The pendant is magical, with the following powers (which can be invoked as a free action):


This composite longbow is made of yew and reinforced with the blackened bones of some ancient beast. It requires at least a 15 Strength to wield. It has the following attributes:


Ramwall is a thick oak shield covered with the shaggy hide of a mountain goat and decorated with a pair of matching horns. It radiates Great protection and alteration magic.

Ring of Resistance

This plain band is forged from the purest steel and polished to a high gloss finish. It gives off a faint sensation of coolness when held. The ring provides the wearer with protection from elemental effects. Fire, cold, lightning, and similar damage suffer a -1 HP / die damage reduction.

Sash of the Golden Mind

This magical sash is woven from cloth of gold and decorated with an interlocking pattern of hands and eyes. It is quite fancy, easily fetching 500 GP as a decorative item. Its enchantment is mental in nature, providing the following benefits, which require 24 hours wearing the item before they become active.

Silver Ewer

This item is a simple but elegant silver ewer engraved with a sun symbol on either side. It is magical. Once per day it can be filled with a vial of holy water. After five round this water is converted to Purifying Essence.

Purifying Essence

This substance is created by the Silver Ewer from holy water. It has the following characteristics:

The power contained within Purifying Essence dissipates 1 hour after its creation.


Skycutter is a pole arm styled after a lochaber axe. It has a long blade with a slightly curved point, and a thick hook on the back of the haft. A series of jagged bolts of lightning are engraved in the silver blade.

There is a Kogani story from the old days, a fragment of a legend from before the Cataclysm, that says a weapon much like this one once belonged to Peguma, the king of mountain storms. The weapon was stolen by another god, and the theft drove Peguma mad.

Stagger Time

This pendant is a single large multifaceted crystal in a simple gold setting. The crystal is clear, but trapped within are a series of looping, spiraling lines of golden metal that seem to shimmer and twist. Stagger Time is obviously magical. When worn the bearer can invoke the following powers:

Sun Globe

This magical object is a three-inch globe of polished amber, shot through with twisting veins of some deep blue stone. It emits a faint radiance at all times, and once its secret is unlocked it can be commanded to do any of the following:

Temporal Pendant

A protective pendant that negates the random time shifts of the Chamber of Time. The pendants are simple iron chains with a golden spiral of metal attached. Effects:

Twin Stone Ring

This ring is made of silver, worked into a pattern of overlapping plates or scales. There are two stones in the setting, a ruby paired with a smaller aquamarine. The ring radiates both alteration and protective magic. When worn the ring has the following effect:

Unknown Items

The Plain Bronze Sword

Found in the graveyard. Originally appeared as a bronze long sword of simple design.

The sword Ramone is carrying defies Ramesh's attempts to identify it. He does discover one interesting characteristic though, the blade will alter itself to conform to the wielder's desired shape, and seems to be able to take on the form of any bladed weapon [anything generally described as a sword, as small as a dagger, as large as a two-handed sword].