Daruna - Twisted Lands


These torturous hills and vales twist and turn through the scrub and forest east of Shalish and Chungal. The area is a maze-like no-man's land, occupied by outcasts, bandits and hostile creatures. The area's sole attractions are the scattered quarries that provide stone to nearby Darunite settlements, and the many ruins and abandoned mines that dot the region, drawing adventurers and treasure hunters to their doom.

Legend claims the hills were raised over once fertile and occupied lands in some great magical cataclysm ages past. The ancient ruins and tombs scattered willy-nilly across the hills seem to support this theory, as the writings and architecture they exhibit do not match any known culture. In general these writings and ruins are referred to as the works of the Lost Kingdom.

There are regular expeditions into the Twisted Lands to explore and plunder the ruins and tombs of this bygone culture. In particular the court of Ash-tep in Daruna has funded several major expeditions into the wastes, and rumors abound as to their goal.