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The Aquaan Hierarch

Little is known about Aquaan culture or politics as few humans have ventured into the depths to visit the capital city of Wosh'aa. The Aquaa are generally friendly and inquisitive when they visit the surface world but reticent to discuss their own affairs. It is known that their ruling body, the Hierarch, is a strictly structured organization, with many layers of bureaucracy and organization. The tentacles of this organization extend well beyond the capital city, reaching into the smallest and most isolated Aquaan communities.

Externally the Aquaan Hierarch influences the surface world in a number of ways. The Aquaa are masters of ocean travel, and their wave-talkers often accompany merchant convoys on long trips. They also provide access to many unique mineral and biological specimens from the depths, items with strange mundane and magical properties. In exchange for these services, the Hierarch requires human vessels stay out of their home waters unless invited, a requirement they enforce with brutal efficiency. Few vessels survive an engagement with a pod of Aquaan combatants.

The Rahk Tribes

The Rahk Tribes refers to the many groups of Rahk that inhabit the plains south and west of Daruna. The tribes are generally small and nomadic, 20-40 individuals is the average. Most members of the tribe are related either by blood or mating ritual.

Individual tribes roam over significant distances, following the migratory patterns of various herd animals. Territorial clashes between tribes are common but generally resolved through ritualized individual combats rather than open battle. Tribes will unite against outsiders invading their territory, with significant threats mobilizing many mutually supporting tribes.

Individual tribes are led by the strongest individuals, typically primary hunters (either male or female). Tribal shaman also hold positions of authority, though they are usually more involved in the social aspects of the tribe rather than hunting, travel and defense. Tribal shaman practice animist divine magic, usually focused on the primordial spirits of wind, rain and wild beasts.