Daruna - The Rahk


The Rahk are a race of tribal, nomadic hunters, native to the plains south and west of Daruna. They are bipedal in form, with feline features, closely resembling lions in coloration and form. The typical Rahk is larger and heavy than any human, males weighing in at 300 pounds, females slightly less. Rahk are covered in short golden or tawny fur which grows slightly longer along the skull and spine in females. In males it forms a long mane, which covers the entire neck and portions of the chest.

Rahk walk on two legs but can shift to a quadrupedal posture when running. Both hands and feet have sharp, retractable claws and Rahk fingers are short and somewhat clumsy. Rahk also have sharp fangs typical of a carnivorous species, though they do not use them in combat, save for ritual mating fights between males. The typical Rahk has an elongated, fur-covered face with large golden eyes. The lower face, nose and lips are often dark brown or black. Rahk walk with a hunched forward-leaning posture, and have a disturbing (to humans) tendency to stare. Rahk tails are thick and tufted. Both males and females crop and dye tribal patterns into their tail fur.

The average Rahk is much stronger than an average human, though their stubby hands are much less dexterous. Rahk are uncomfortable in enclosed spaces, preferring the wide open plains and hills of their native lands.

The Rahk Religion

The Rahk believe that every object in the mundane world, mountains, creatures, trees, lakes, hills, is a reflection of a living spirit, a shadow cast from the Dream World by a higher power. Each Rahk Tribe is guided and protected by their own living spirit from the Dream World, who teaches them the songs and stories of power that allow them to coexist with the many powerful beings that are represented in the mundane realm.

The Rahk who learn the songs of power can influence the spirits of the Dream World, asking for their aid in times or trial or forgiveness for transgression. Rahk shaman form long-lasting bonds with their tribal spirits and its allies, invoking their power through specially scribed stone or wood icons.

When a Rahk dies, their spirit is taken to the Dream World, to join the tribal guardian in its protective duties. Those Rahk who transgress against their tribe are forever lost, wandering between the mundane realm and the land of the spirits.