Daruna - Characters

Character Creation

The following should guide your character creation:

Starting Gear

All characters have the following basic equipment at the start of game:

The Party Mule

The party has a mule at their disposal. This creature will have limited plot immunity. Provided you don't do something dumb (like leave it outside the mountain unattended...) it will not be harmed.

The party should establish what's on the mule, then I'll determine a monthly cost for maintaining that, much like the ship's locker in the Stars game. I'd rather not spend precious game time detailing the gear load out for the mule after the first session.

Spending Guidelines

These are by no means hard rules, but the point buy system can be tough to parse, so a couple of thoughts based on testing:

Character Advancement

For at least the first session of this campaign, we'll be using an all for one, one for all character advancement scheme. All characters will advance levels simultaneously. This may change as time passes, but I would like to avoid penalizing players when real-life commitments prevent their attendance.

Character Death / Loss

If a character is permanantely lost from play, the player will create a replacement at the same level as the party.


Each character begins with one of the following backgrounds.


You have served a basic apprenticeship in a formal trade and have worked in a guild hall or shop.


Though you lack in the area of education, you have a store of practical knowledge from your occupation.


You have some formal education and have participated in a family business in some role.


Though you are now a resident of the city, your family is originally from elsewhere and you still remember the perilous journey here. Some of your neighbors view you with suspicion because of your non-local origin.


You have been part of a performing troupe, traveling from place to place or making the rounds at the local taverns.


You attended a temple school and obtained at least a basic education in language and current scientific knowledge.


You were an active participant in military training beyond the basic service required and have experience with life in the field as part of some minor campaign.

Optimization & Oddities

Some gotchas for those not used to the system and optimizing points for character building: