Daruna - NPCs and Noteworthies

Family Members

These are known / living / active family members that most of the group would have met.

NPC List

In alphabetic order (hopefully).

Bhanda Masa

Orca's father introduced Bhanda to the party as someone who could potentially open the black-fire sealed box they recovered from the ruined temple. He also warned the group that Bhanda was pretty shady. Bhanda ended up opening the box (and killing a puppy in the process) using some sort of magic ritual.

Bikul Pari and Samana Navi

Vikus Pari's father and mother. Bikul is magistrate of the city district you all grew up in.

Blutark Drosa

Blutark is one of the foremen at the Zulat quarry on the eastern edge of Shalish territory. He spends much of his time on resupply duty and traveling between the quarry and Shalish.

Drune Vidya

A loremaster of and dealer in Lost Kingdom artifacts. He provided a bit of insight into the bits and pieces of Lost Kingdom information the party uncovered during their trip to the Zulat quarry.

Dunatra Rupa (RIP Session Four)

Dunatra worked in the Zulat quarry as a stone cutter. He was a bit of a trouble-maker for the foremen, but a good worker. When the party came to the quarry he scoffed at their ability to solve the issue so they invited him to come along, serving as guide and a witness their efforts. Surprisingly he agreed. The party learned that his cousin Tripur Rupa was one of the guides hired by the survey party.

During the adventure he proved to have some guts, fighting alongside the group when they faced off against the giant croc and the altered mosquitoes encountered along the way. When the party paid him a share of their gold for defeating the croc and helped him find his cousin, he paid off his cousin Tripur's indenture and asked to return to Shalish with the group.

Guhajam Sadatra

A very old priest in the service of Sarvata in Shalish. He knows Sula, and is something of a patron to Ramone's brother Bundel.

Haktan Gha

Haktan is the armorer hired by Ramone and Torin to make hide armor and shields from the Crocolisk hides the party recovered. He is based in the Arena Market.

Jondar Betqua

A merchant who deals in imports/exports. He is an associate of Orca's father, and Orca has some dealings with him for alchemy supplies.

Keela Shotan

An agent of the powerful Zulat family. He hired the party to go investigate the disturbances at the Zulat quarry on the eastern edge of Shalish territory in the Wind Blown Moon of 643, a task which led the party to a Lost Kingdom ruin and a fight with a giant mutated crocodile.

Marshak Selo

Marshak Selo has been your captain during your militia training this year and last. He also lead your one experience in the field, a patrol along the Tana River at the Shalish/Daruna border, a patrol that led to an actual clash with a raiding party of mercenaries with unknown backing.

Captain Selo is relatively young, a junior captain in the army (*). He commands a company of militia during the training cycle, but has regular duties that include managing logistics for the city watches and messenger riders. Selo has singled each of you out as worthy of extra support (or punishment) during your term and you have a stronger than average relationship with him.

Nishuru Vadura

The architect/builder the party met at the ruined villa site. He is a well-known builder in Shalish. The party hired him and his crews to rebuild their villa.

Pushta Hayak

Pushta is a militia man the party first fought against, then teamed up with during the second round of the Shalish Sun Festival tournament held during in Ash-tep's Moon of 643. He suffered a serious injury during that fight, and Orca yielded the match to save his life. Pushta has recovered from his injury, and is friendly toward the group because of their shared experiences.

Pushta is now working for the party as their guard captain.

Rakshi Harth

Marshak Selo's buddy in the Harth family. He was the one that hired you to find his brother Arupa (the guy in the coffin).

Ramesh Chintat

A sage who works in the Pillars market in Shalish. He is working to identify the dagger the party found in the Lost Kingdom ruin.

Sadine Salar (the Extraordinary!)

A cheerful and friendly merchant who plies his wares throughout the Darunite kingdoms (and beyond apparently). The party met him at the Shalish Sun Festival in Ash-tep's Moon of 643 and bought some potions from him. Unfortunately he had set sail by the time they returned from their trip to the Zulat quarry.

Sadine's fortunes turned post Session Three. His ship was taken by pirates masquerading as Kingdom of Light soldiers. He lost everything and escaped with only the clothes on his back and a few precious items. The adventures of Session Four brought him some measure of wealth, so he's working to get back on his feet.

Sadine had at least one Kogani warrior, a hulking brute of a man, working as a guard. He expressed interest in buying (or selling) any unusual items the party might come across.

Tarya Maharan

A militia man the party fought against in the grand melee at the Shalish Sun Festival in Ash-tep's Moon of 643. Orca had approached Tarya prior to the match to form an alliance against Vikus and his friends, an alliance Tarya apparently betrayed, as one of his party threw a spear at Lister, wounding him.

Tripur Rupa (RIP Session Four)

Dunatra Rupa's cousin. The party rescued him in the woods north-west of the Zulat quarry. He was serving as guide for the surveyor party that apparently self-destructed in the wilds.

Dunatra paid off Tripur's indenture and the two men traveled back to Shalish with the group.

Vikus and Friends

Vikus and Sudha Pari, Lat Kusumera, and Rakya Maharan have been bullies / rivals to the party since you were six or seven years old. They live in the same general area, the Canal Districts, but west of the Pillars. They're a couple years older than the group and are responsible for the scars that Orca bears. Vikus and his buddies defeated the party in the final round of the grand melee during the Shalish Sun Festival in Ash-tep's Moon of 643, depriving the group of their chance at a bronze militia badge of rank.

Noteworthy Names

Gray Cloaks

A mercinary company based in Shalish. They favor typical light infantry and number two full companies. Their uniform is a gray cloak marked with either a red or yellow circle, and their banner is gray with red / yellow circles interlocked.

The Gray Company was involved in recent fighting to the north. They're recruiting in the city to rebuild their ranks.

Jaguar Stalkers

The Stalkers are a mercenary company of skirmishers and scouts. They specialize in small unit tactics using lightly armored squads and swift-moving bowmen or slingers. They use a jaguar head as their company symbol.

Kingdom of Light Sappers

A specialist engineering company in the Kingdom of Light army, the Sappers are specialists in all things related to mining, siege warfare, alchemy and engineering. Unlike the typical company / platoon / squad model, the Sappers work in special troops of ten men commanded by an officer. Their banner is a burning tower surmounted by a golden sunburst.

Red Tree Company

A mercenary company from the north. Originially formed as a war band against the Kingdom of Light, the Red Tree has transformed itself into an independent band, working for the highest bidder. They have a reputation for brutality and violence, both on and off the battlefield, and favor heavy infantry rather than the lighter formations used by the Darunites. Their banner is a blood-stained tree and their banners are often decorated with bundles of branches dipped in the blood of their foes.

The Harth Family

The Harth are a recent addition to the city's political field, rising on the position of Shaday Harth who gained the King's trust in recent military action. They are also involved in the operations of the city's arena and gladiatorial schools.

The Selo Family

An family with long history and deep ties in the Shalish community. The Selo have a history of military service and family links through marriage or blood to many of the other Moshan families in the city.

The Zulat Family

One of the most powerful families in Shalish. Aside from their great wealth and influence in the commercial arena, Rasura Zulat serves the King directly as the King's Sword.