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The Cabin Sessions

One might well ask "What are the cabin sessions?" Basically they are an opportunity to get a group of gamers together and do some gaming in a nice relaxed atmosphere. The cabin sessions are hosted by Art Gower at his parent's cabin in the Virginia mountains. They're always a good time (though getting more than two hours of sleep in a weekend would be a welcome change).

There is a large and shifting group of players at the cabin but the most constant participants in the games I've run have been:

There are several other players who have joined us for various sessions: Mike Conner, Bill Potts, Frank Mangin, Matt Girod, Joe Gaskill, but those listed above have performed above and beyond the call, attending almost every session I've run.

Special thanks goes out to Kelan Sisk, who expends a vast amount of time and energy keeping the detailed writeups of each session these writeups are based on. Without him my job as GM would be much more difficult.

The cabin sessions are played using a mutant version of the standard AD&D rules known as Class Free AD&D. You can find the latest (sort of) version of these rules right here.