This was a campaign concept that never really got off the ground.

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In the distant south the kingdom of Krasil lies in the heart of the Alcorna Hills. Once conquered by the Great Empire, once conquered by the Eastern Kingdoms, Krasil now stands as an independent nation, free of external influence. Vichese and Mondarian mix with Dwarven and Gnomish clans of the Alcorna hills. Even a few Orcish tribes have earned grudging acceptance in the diverse Krasil nation. The kingdom is ruled by an uneasy mix of merchant princes, wealthy landowners, influential clerics, and Dwarf and Gnome clan lords bound together in the ever turbulent Conclave.

Krasil's nearest neighbors are the kingdoms of Fesh and Pendil. The three cities have long been allied against the military threat of Charba, Sunis, and Farwada, the nearest of the Eastern Kingdoms. Whereas Krasil is a mixing pot of races and religions, Fesh and Pendil are strangely homogenous. Fesh is a strongly Vichese nation, proud of its ancient Imperial heritage. Pendil on the other hand is ruled by the hierophants of Da-chan, one of the few strongholds of the ancient Mondar religion. Despite these differences the three cities stand together against all rivals, bound by a common desire to remain free of outside influences and their own economic ties. Indeed they are often referred to as The Three Cities.

In recent years population pressures have forced the Conclave to search for new territories to explore and conquer. Their collective eyes have turned to the great southern and eastern wilderness that lies beyond the foothills of the Alcornas. Already merchants are gathering bold men and women to lead expeditions into the wilds in search of new lands and resources. The Conclave has promised wealth and fame to those that venture into the dark woods and return with useful information on what lies beneath those dark boughs.

The Kingdom

The Map

Krasil takes its name from the sole major city of the kingdom. Krasil is the seat of the Conclave and serves as a trade hub for the entire region. The rest of the kingdom is a mix of Dwarf and Gnome clan halls and human towns and villages. Some of the major settlements include:

The Conclave

The nineteen members of the Conclave are drawn from the various groups that form Krasil. Membership in the Conclave is an exercise in power and influence. Each year three seats on the Conclave are put up for vote. Any citizen of Krasil is eligible for a seat, and each citizen can vote once. The three people that draw the most votes on election day gain seats in the Conclave. Of course the influential and powerful have a certain advantage in this election process, and often the same people are elected year after year. The Conclave is chaired by a single member, with the Conclave electing a new chair each year.

The Conclave establishes tariffs and taxes, controls military expenditures, controls diplomatic relations with other nations, and supporting and enforcing the justice system. They meet in the Conclave hall in Krasil proper on a weekly basis to deal with the mundane business of the nation. Each member also has an office in the Conclave hall, and the whole structure radiates political scheming and deception.

At the local level the Conclave's laws are handled by locally determined officials. One of the interesting features of Krasil is the means of appointing local authority varies from area to area. The clans are ruled by their elders, the humans generally elect leaders or maintain council of elders, while the Orc tribes determine leadership by might. So long as a township provides the appropriate taxes, the Conclave doesn't care who is responsible.

The Military

Krasil mimics the Great Empire, maintaining their military forces into a police-like Militia and a professional Army to deal with external threats. Militia units tend to be less organized and fall under local control. The Army is directed by the Conclave, but under the command of officers that rise from within the organization. All citizens, male and female, are required to provide one year of Militia or Army service when they come of age.

The Army is arranged in companies of 100 men, each led by a captain. There are twenty companies in the Army, divided into four brigades, each commanded by a general. The entire Army is led by the high marshal.


Krasil is a rich region, featuring large deposits of iron, coal, tin, copper and precious stones and metals. The hills are fertile and host a variety of crops and livestock. A network of streams and small lakes provides water sources and rich fisheries.

Krasil lacks major open land and major timberlands. They also lack access to the ocean, and the lack of a port limits their exports. Luckily Fesh and Pednil have these items in abundance, and lack products Krasil has in abundance, leading to lucrative trade amongst the Three Cities.

The Wilderness

The wilderness wraps around the south and east borders of Krasil and is dominated by dense woodlands and low hills. Long ago portions of the wilderness were settled and legend says there are lost cities in the depths of the woods, but few now dare the shadowed forests.

The western side of the wilderness is inhabited by Orcish tribes. Less civilized than the inhabitants of Zogla and Ganalk, the wild Orcs are territorial and generally hostile.

East of the Orcish holdings, a few scattered human holdings vie with the wild creatures of the deep woods. The holders tell stories of beastmen that stalk the forest depths and shadowy, wraithlike creatures that peer through barred windows at night.

Further east hills grow more prevalent and the trees give way to scrub and dense thickets of holly and pine. Swampy ground makes the region inhospitable. Local stories tell of trees that walk, shifting landscapes, and a strange cat-like race that lives in the trackless woods.


No one really knows what lies deeper in the wilderness. There are, however, an number of stories that come down across the ages.

Character Creation

This page provides general information on character creation, typical weapons and armor, specific clerical requirements/abilities and other details needed for basic character development. It also summarizes the general character types chosen by various people.


Dwarf - +1 CON -1 CHA. You can get a 19 CON with the given mod.

Gnome - +1 INT -1 WIS. You can NOT get a 19 INT with the given mod.

Remember that Dwarves/Gnomes do not receive the CON bonus to saves vs. magic, but they do receive it vs. poison.


These are the characters I've heard hinted at by various people. Subject to change.

Weapons and Armor

There are a few standard weapons used by Dwarves and Gnomes in the area.

Two-Handed Great Axe

This heavy weapon is designed for the strong Dwarf. Typical great axes are iron-hafted with broad curving blades. The weapon does both slashing and crushing damage, and requires a minimum of a 16 strength to wield effectively. Damage: 2d4 (S/M) 2d8 (L).

Spiked Hammer

This variant of the typical warhammer is popular among Gnomes, as its many piercing points minimize the weight required to cause significant damage. The spiked hammer is an iron-hafted weapon with a hammer-like head featuring two or three protruding points. Damage: 1d6 (S/M) 1d8 (L).

Sickle Sword

A variant of the falchion, the sickle sword features a heavily curved one-edged blade that is heavily weighed along the back edge. The curved blade provides some limited protection of the wielder's hand at the haft end, while the point protrudes far enough to penetrate rigid armor. Sickle swords come in one and two handed variants. The two handed version is heavy, requiring at least a 15 strength to wield effectively, but is small enough that even Gnomes can wield it. One handed damage: 1d6 (S/M) 2d4 (L). Two handed damage: 2d4 (S/M) 2d6 (L).

Stub Spear

Also known as spines, the stub spear is a favorite weapon of the Gnomes. The weapon is basically a standard spear shortened for the typical Gnomish stature. They are not balanced for throwing, but feature a spiked iron butt that can be used to strike and to plant the spear against the charge. Stub spears can be set against charges, and cause double damage in this situation. They can be wielded with one hand or two, though most commonly they are used in conjunction with a shield. One handed damage: 1d4+1 (S/M) 1d6 (L). Two handed damage: 1d6+1 (S/M) 1d8 (L).




Minimum attributes: Charisma 12, Wisdom 14

For any faith level purchased they must also purchase:

Benefits and Restrictions

Priests of Jinkana-Zol have no weapons or armor restrictions.

Priests of Jinkana-Zol may not turn the undead.

Priests of Jinkana-Zol are required to tithe 15% of their wealth to the order.

Priests of Jinkana-Zol may not be Evil.

Granted Powers

Spheres Available

Major spheres of access: All, Protection, Healing, Divination, and Elemental

Minor spheres of access: Plant, Animal



Minimum attributes: Charisma 15, Wisdom 14

For any faith level purchased they must also purchase:

Benefits and Restrictions

Priests of Shol-Makul may only wield swords in battle. They have no other weapon or armor restrictions.

Priests of Shol-Makul are required to tithe 15% of their wealth to the order.

Priests of Shol-Makul must be Lawful and may not be Evil.

Granted Powers

Sun Blade - The caster's blade bursts into brilliant light, creating illumination equivalent to sunlight in a 60' radius. Undead within this area take 1d6 damage per round. Each blow struck by the blade causes an additional 1d6 holy damage to any target struck. The Sun Blade lasts for 2 MR per caster level.

Solar Flare - The caster calls down a wash of burning solar energy that strikes the target of their choice within 50 yards. The blast strikes everything within a 10' radius of the target spot for 1d6 / caster level holy damage (save vs. magic for half damage). Undead take double damage from the blast.

Conjure Solar - This spell is similar to Conjure Elemental in all respects, except a Solar Mithos is summoned. The exact creature summoned is determined by the GM.

Spheres Available

Major spheres of access: All, Sun, Charm, Combat, Weather

Minor spheres of access: Healing, Elemental



Minimum attributes: Charisma 12, Wisdom 16

For any faith level purchased they must also purchase:

Benefits and Restrictions

Priests of Agim-Zul are required to tithe 15% of their wealth to the order.

Priests of Agim-Zul must be Lawful Neutral.

Granted Powers

Spheres Available

Major spheres of access: All, Necromantic, Summoning, Divination, Protection

Minor spheres of access: Healing, Guardian

Group Suggestions

This is a summary of some of the group concepts discussed for the upcoming campaign, along with the summary guidelines:

The group must be cohesive, each character must have intrinsic reasons for being part of the group, and each character must have ties to other members of the group. I have only a couple guidelines to throw out here:

A. No evil for the sake of evil backstabbing bastards. I have no objections to a less than honorable party, but I would rather not run a campaign for moral deviants (at least not this campaign).

B. The group should make sense within the context given. If you have questions about the brief background, feel free to ask. Bear in mind this is virgin territory in the campaign world, so information is sketchy. This is bad because information is sketchy. This is good because your ideas can be incorporated into the game.

C. Backgrounds - Everyone should be local. Everyone should have family, friends, and enemies in the area. Better still there should be common NPCs amongst the group members. I know Craig mentioned he had trouble developing background for 1st level characters. I think working together we can build plenty of interesting stuff around the characters so we can get this all off to a good start.

The Group Concepts


The party is made up of non-humans. Several people were interested in this idea, and both Dwarves and Gnomes were suggested. This idea could work in the context of another group format as well.


The party is a group of bandits living on the edges of civilization. This group format may be difficult to carry off without breaking the No Evil rule. Then again, maybe not.


The party is a group of rebels on the run from the local government, seeking allies in the wilds. This seems to fit in with The Betrayed theme.

Micah's expansion on the rebels/betrayed/missionaries:

We are all followers of (insert religion), the one true faith. We came with a group of missionaries. All went well for a while, but then violence errupted when members of one of the established religions installed one of their members into a powerful political position. That's when the persecutions began. It started out with small thing, defacing our homes and businesses, destroying our temples and shrines. But then it turned violent. Several of our people were killed. We had had enough. Despite the pleading of our religious leader's, we formed a group of partisans to take revenge and protect our order. Now we have been declared rebels, and must live in the wilds. We decide it is time to seek out a new homeland.

Okay, this takes care of Missionaries, Rebels, Betrayed--which I actually --think more of as "stuck behind enemy lines", and L&C. Along the way we kill things and take their stuff, and end up founding The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Exploreres (LEGE, tm).

The Betrayed

Micah suggests the party might be part of the local army, betrayed by their own leaders and hiding in enemy lands. The only problem I have with this would be fitting in where the group would be from in order for them to be 'behind enemy lines' in the proposed campaign setting.


The party is a religious mission. Micah expressed doubts about this working, which may be valid for this group. How about a group required to protect a group of missionaries?

Lewis and Clark

The party are members of a merchant/clan organization out to explore and exploit the wilderness.

Empire Builders

The group is seeking lands to conquor and set up on their own. Micah expressed doubts about 1st level characters being empire builders. I suggest it may make a good long-term goal for the party. With accelerated advancement this could prove viable.

Treasure Hunters

The group is looking for wealth, but prefers it in compact and luggable form. Kill things and take their stuff. Same old thing. I suggest this might be seen as tied to Josh's Gentlemen Explorers.

Gentlemen Explorers

A club renowned for the adventures of its members. Members are 3rd sons and daughters of well-to-do families, seeking their own fortunes in the world.

Medieval Ghostbusters

I'll toss my chit in on this one. For group cohesion, I recommend something silly - a medieval Ghostbusters of sorts - in that we are chosen for the task of exploring and ridding the nearby haunted castle of its purported ghastly ghouls because we all have our own unique interest and talents where the paranormal is concerned. Known to all for our eccentricity and bent for spirits and specters and creatures from the nether-planes, our services are henceforth secured for an up-front pittance and the promise (chuckle-chuckle - like we'll see this rag-tag crew ever again) of greater rewards upon our triumphant return!

Mark's comment: Silly is very tough for me in an RPG, particularly one set in this campaign world.

Disbanded Mage's School

We were all part of an institute of higher education, wizard's guild, that's being disbanded. Our odd specialization in magic (the super-natural) is no longer needed in these enlightened times. Our group represents those partially trained wizards that wish to continue with our training on our own. And we know, or think we know of a haunted area deep in the recesses of the forest to be our proving grounds.

Goal and Scene Suggestions

This is a summary of some of the goals and scenes suggested for the campaign.


Not Wanted


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