Daruna - The Kogani


The Kogani inhabit the highland plateau between the Ravari and Kogani. They area rugged folk, shorter than the Darunite, but with a heavier build. Their skin tone ranges from pale to ruddy to well-tanned, with a variety of hair and eye coloration. Appearance is often an indication of clan affiliation and point of origin, as lighter coloration is more common among the northern Kogani.

It is believed that the Kogani are native to the region, and the ancient mines and cave complexes that dot the mountain slopes to the north bear out a long term presence. Some suggest the Kogani share common ancestry with the ferocious inhabitants of the Kogani Mountains, but Kogani scholars fiercely deny this connection. Many Darunite scholars feel this defense is a sham to distance the Kogani from the unsavory reputation the mountain tribes have, a reputation which includes cannibalism, incestuous family structures and various unsavory religious practices (though one wonders at Darunite finger-pointing, when their own priests practice human sacrifice).

The Kongani Pantheon

The Kogani belief system is based around a pantheon of deities, ruled by Gokan, the Mountain King and Danika, the Queen of Storms who long ago defeated the Sky Serpent Dogarth and banished him to the outer darkness beyond the sky. Gokan and Danika have nine brothers and sisters, the Vaiga or elder gods. The children of Gokan, Danika and the other Vaiga are the Layagi, the younger gods. Each god rules over some aspect of Kogani life or the world around them. The Vaiga are well known by all Kogani believers, but the Layagi are numbered in the hundreds, some, like Akem, are widely know, others are known only to one or two related clans.

The Kogani believe they can influence events in their life by offering sacrifices and prayers to the appropriate gods. Kogani revere all the gods of the pantheon to some degree, though most have one or two patrons that they grant greater honor. Only the most devout priests dedicate their lives to a single Kogani god.

When the Kogani die they believe their soul journeys to the path of heaven where Akem awaits, his toll the story of their life. If he finds the payment worthy, he allows passage, if not he summons Kebek, who drags their soul into the outer darkness, where it is consumed by the Sky Serpent Dogarth.

The King and Queen of Heaven

The Vaiga, the elder gods

The Layagi, the younger gods