Return To Moria


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Sauron is dead. Aragorn is king. Gandalf and his pals have sailed away. Ten years have passed since the One Ring was destroyed. The world has become a brighter place and the time of Men is at hand. Time for the valiant fighters, professional treasure seekers, greedy dwarfs and haughty elves to come forth.

Sauron's dark armies were scattered when the Ring was destroyed, but they didn't vanish. Instead they returned to the dark places beneath Middle Earth. Now, like a siren's song, the hidden wealth of Moria calls to the adventurous, the brave, the greedy and the foolhardy.

Return to Moria will be an old school dungeon romp loosely (*very* loosely) based on Middle Earth. No complicated back story or deep preparation required (10' poles and torches suggested).

Characters will be based in the small town of Hollin that's sprung up west of the Misty Mountains in Eregion. There will be a tavern, a smithy, a general store, and a temple. There might be thieves and wealthy patrons funding expeditions into Moria too.

The mountains are dangerous, with various nasty creatures opening new entrances to / from Moria and waylaying travelers and explorers.

Your job: Get rich. Survive.


I haven't made a final determination as to rules, but some potential candidates are:

Going back to basics for ease of character creation and less setup time. Also Dwarves and Elves as classes! S&W and LL will be completely familiar to any D&D player.