The Physical World

The thousands of worlds that make up the Skylands are diverse in size, shape, and composition. Some are little more than rocks, barren and lifeless; others are vibrant places inhabited by thriving cultures. Some worlds are literally alive, and treat their inhabitants as valued symbionts, or unwanted parasites.

The Lattice

The Lattice is a web of ethereal energy that holds the worlds of the Skylands in place and spreads energy in the form of heat and light throughout the universe. The flow of energy ebbs and flows in regular patterns, creating cycles of light, darkness, heat, and cold that vary from world to world.

Some species that inhabit the Skylands can harness the energy of the Lattice and use it to travel between worlds: exploring, trading, or conquering.

The Void

Beyond the Lattice lies the Void, a lightless, airless region of utter cold.

Singularity and Discord

The remnants of Singularity form one pole of the Lattice, a place of structure and order. At the other pole, Discord, the chaotic collective consciousness of Singularity's rebellious children holds sway. Waves of chaos and order ripple between these two poles, shaping events in the Skylands.

The Children of Singularity

While they do not have the reach of Singularity or Discord, the many independent children of Singularity have great power within their spheres of influence. They are gods and demons and mythic beings whose actions alter the nature of the worlds they rule.

Domains and Realms

Singularity, the Void, and many of the Children of Singularity have places of power that reflect their nature. These alternate dimensions/planes are collectively known as Domains. Tendrils grow from each Domain and cling to Lattice like vines on a trellis, extending its power across the Realms of the Prime Universe.

Realms are the physical manifestations of Domains. The two often share characteristics, and what affects one is reflected in the other. All Realms are physical worlds within the universe, but not all physical worlds are Realms.

The Physical World

The Lattice does more than provide the many worlds of the Skylands with heat and light; it also protects them from the vacuum of the Void and generates gravity. Each world has an up and a down.

The Structure of the Lattice

The Lattice is made up of thousands of strands of ethereal energy with varying lengths and diameters. Strands join to form nexus points that alter the flow of energy through the Lattice. The Skylands float within the Lattice, held in place like insects in amber. Where these bands touch the surface of these worlds, they create gateways called Touchpoints. On worlds where the inhabitants have mastered Lattice travel, these sites are often home to great cities. In less developed places, they are sometimes exploited by outsiders, both mortal and immortal, seeking conquest.

The Land

The connections between a world and the Lattice create gravitational and magnetic fields. Gravity usually functions in one direction, and falling off the edge of most worlds is a slow death sentence. Victims starve, die of dehydration, or pass into the Void.

The Sky

The worlds of the Skylands have no suns or stars. The Lattice fills the sky with patterns that ripple and flow with the energy currents, glowing brightly by day and dimly at night. Most cultures establish directions based on the flow of the Lattice currents and the positions of the bright bands that mark Touchpoints.