Lesser Races


Bugbears settlements were once found in all mountainous regions of Mendia. Their general hostility made them targets for purges by both Humans and Elves. Prior to the arrival of the Outsiders, Bugbears were found only in the northern Encircling Peaks, Dragon Spines, and the Teeth. Since the end of the Great War, their numbers have grown. They sometimes ally themselves with Goblins, but are generally hostile to Kobolds.


Before the arrival of the Outsiders and the Great War, Centaurs were quite common, but their refusal to bow to Outsider rule thinned their ranks. There are rumored to be scattered populations hiding in the distant north.


The Feykin are all native to the Great Forest of the World Tree and are fairly common in the deep woods of the Eastlands. They are less common in the west, as most fled to the Great Forest when the Outsiders arrived.


The Sahuagin are a constant threat to sea-going trade and routinely raid along the coasts of the Green Sea. On thing all surface races have in common is a hatred of these xenophobes. Since the Great War, Humans and Elves (Dwarves are not happy at sea) have made many attempts to free the Green Sea of Sahuagin. While these efforts have reduced their numbers along trade routes and coastal cities, they remain a threat elsewhere. There are two know Sahuagin cities in the Green Sea. Shesh Sekah in the distant north is quite large and home to the temple of Sekah, the Scaled Eye, ruler of the Endless Depth. Shesh Blurosh is northeast of the end of the Dragon Spines.