The Beginning

Singularity. Matter and energy contained within a single shapeless point. This is how the universe begins. Balanced between two extremes, one the utter blackness of final entropy, the other the pure chaos of ultimate destruction, the Singularity gains self-awareness and a will to survive. It acts and change comes to the universe.

Singularity sends tendrils of matter and energy into the void, creating a swirling web that fills the heavens. Too late, it realizes its mistake. As its form changes, so does its consciousness . Singularity fragments into countless points of self-awareness that streak across the expanding universe. Energy, matter, and the emptiness of the void shape Singularity's children. Some bind themselves to the ethereal strands that swirl between burning orbs of plasma. Others gather spinning fragments of matter and weave themselves into the physical fabric of the new universe.

Though weakened by its losses, Singularity fights to retain its sense of self and imposes order on the expanding universe. Ethereal strands twist themselves into regular patterns and form links between clumps and clusters of raw matter. Many of Singularity's children lend their aid, seeking the security of an orderly universe. At the far end of space, there is no central force driving creation. Matter spins in wild orbits around dense ethereal masses, and the beings here, fleeing the domination of Singularity, collapse into a chaotic stew of conflicting thoughts and desires at the most distant end of the universe.

Time passes, and change slows. The web of ethereal energy that gives the universe its shape stabilizes into a brilliant latticework that grows ragged and distorted as it reaches the far end of existence. Matter, imbued with the energy and will of the children of Singularity, forms floating islands and hollow spheres and drifting shapes. Interactions between ethereal energy and these scattered lands give rise to something new: life.