Red Wardens

Of all the races of Mendia, the Dwarves have the most uniform religious beliefs. Almost all of them worship the King of Steel and pay tithe to the Red Wardens. Dwarves learned long ago that peace and safety depend upon strength and the will to use it. Red Wardens are the backbone of Dwarven faith and use the powers granted by Skystone to protect their people. Most members pursue martial training. Those who call upon the King of Steel gain power over fire, earth, and stone, create protective wards, and imbue items with power.


Red Wardens are loosely organized into companies based on their location, and each company has three leaders with different roles.

Companies establish Halls in population centers and those who wish to join are placed on the Company Rolls. Those on the rolls have responsibilities:

Red Wardens are free to travel and pursue their own goals. While freelancers may attend services and are expected to tithe when they do so, they are typically not added to the company's rolls.


When the King of Steel and Queen of Jewels journeyed to Skystone and slew Magrimond, they did so for different reasons. The Queen was most interested in the power and wealth offered by Skystone, but the King went because the Great Serpent was corrupt and used the power of the Domain to inflict harm on those who worshiped him. That struggle defines much of the purpose of the Red Wardens: defenders of the weak, guardians of civilized order, and a bulwark against chaos and destruction. Halls often take an active role in community defense, working with city watches and military organizations to maintain the security of their base of operations. Wardens are also welcome additions to most armies.

The High Hall

The central seat of power of the Red Wardens is the High Hall in Cairn. Here, councilors elected by the major Halls meet to provide guidance to the organization as a whole. Their responsibilities include:

The High Hall provides religious and military training to those that dedicate themselves to the Wardens. It houses the Warden's main temple and armory and serves as a residence for the High Officers, Councilors, and students. It is also a significant fortification.

Ceremonies and Holidays

Red Wardens believe the largest of the Three Eyes is Skystone. Several ceremonies revolve around these celestial objects.

Ceremonies of the Red Wardens follow a regular pattern:

Signs and Symbols

The primary Red Warden symbol is a ruby gemstone with a triangular cut (point down) surrounded by radiating golden beams, all set on a black background surrounded by a gold border. Holy symbols are metal discs that bear this emblem, generally worn on a chain around the neck. Standard symbols are made of enameled tin or brass. Quality symbols (silver equivalent) are enameled steel.

When used as a rank insignia, the symbols surrounding the gem denote position.

(*) Symbols without marks are sometimes carried by special operatives.

A Red Warden company flag shows the standard symbol centered on a gold banner with the company sigil in the bottom hoist corner. Hanging the flag with the gem's single point up is a distress signal.