Wilding Way

Vargris the Beast demands blood oaths from those who would draw upon the powers of his Domain, the Plain of Wolves. Wildings of Mendia believe the lights of civilization attracted the Outsiders and seek a simple life. They are unsettled individuals who often live beyond the borders of civilized realms. They do not care for the rules of man, but their attitudes reflect the treatment of others, returning loyalty for friendship, enmity for anger, and bloody confrontation for threats.

Wildings draw upon the powers of beasts, transforming their bodies and summoning companion creatures to aid them in times of strife. They also have considerable knowledge of the natural world and can use their powers to live comfortably in most climes.


There are no Wilding organizations. The worship of Vargris is generally a solitary activity. Wildings are sometimes suspicious of each other, as some adepts believe they can increase their personal power by eliminating competition for the Beast's attention. This generally takes the form of stealing Wilding talismans, but direct assault is not unknown.

Rites and Ceremonies


Wildings make a blood oath when they dedicate themselves to Vargris. The adept ventures into a wilderness by themselves and fasts and prays as they build a pyre-like altar to Vargris using found materials. Next, they must hunt a predatory beast that poses an actual threat and slay it in single combat. The adept makes an offering of the beast's heart by burning it and their altar. They bones, hide, fangs, and claws from the creature and fashion them into a talisman that serves as the focus for their spells. If this talisman is lost or destroyed, the adept must repeat the ritual.

Rite of Thanks

Whenever a Wilding is victorious in an important battle, they should give thanks to Vargris by making an offering of a foe's heart on a pyre-like altar.

Return of Spring

Wildings mark the return of spring on the first day of Bloom with a hunt and sacrifice. They prepare the meat from their kill and hold a feast for their friends.

Fall of Summer

Wildings mark the approach of winter by eating no meat for the first Cycle of Harvest. They mark the end of this period by holding a feast for their friends that features the bounty of the earth.