The ruined fortress city of Hismir is near the western edge of Mendia. It was built by the Outsiders and destroyed in the great war between its builders and the Glaudrim. The original city filled most of the 50-mile wide crater that appeared when the Outsiders first arrived. Now the place is a desolate ruin. Many sections are buried beneath crushed buildings and fallen towers, but there are plenty of exposed structures to investigate.

While most of Hismir is relatively dry and barren, there is a lake at the bottom of the crater, and scattered trees grow along the two streams that feed it. Numerous established trails crisscross the region, connecting Eastgate to various points of interest in the ruin.

Aside from the town of Eastgate, there are three other small settlements that lie within a day or two of the outer edge of Hismir. Stonehill and Dry Rock are mining communities that are southeast and southwest of Eastgate. Kalvin's Hold is a community of farmers and foresters who provide supplies to Eastgate. The settlement is almost due south of Eastgate.

Hismir Map