Faith and Magic

Vast powers that manifest themselves on a regular basis give religious beliefs a very concrete foundation. Those who strike bargains with greater beings or learn to manipulate sources of otherworldly Domains become priests or seers or rulers. They gain followers who seek their favor, spread the beliefs of their chosen power, or use their knowledge to control others.

Adepts who bargain with universal powers are often constrained by the deals they strike. Their actions are influenced by the divine being that empowers them. Others attempt to master Domains of raw energy or seek to bypass the rules of those who control sources of power, looking for a path to Ascension.


Some magical adepts believe they can gain the powers of the Children of Singularity, becoming godlike, either by slaying a divine power or by obtaining complete understanding of a Domain. Obviously, it's difficult to prove whether Ascension is possible. When someone becomes a god, it's unlikely they leave any notes. However, there are legends concerning beings who have ascended.

The Dwarves hold that the King of Steel and Queen of Jewels were Dwarves who journeyed to Skystone and slew Magrimond, the Gold Serpent, usurping his position as ruler of the Domain.

Inhabitants of Mendia tell the story of Khyrol, a magician who sought the Glittering Throne of the Frozen Sea. The story says she traveled to the Domain in a ship made of ice and wore an enchanted polar bear fur cloak that protected her as she traveled. Khyrol never returned from her journey, but adepts who seek the deepest secrets of the Frozen Sea are often found dead, frozen solid.