Free Cities

The Free Cities are a loose collective of Human, Elven, and Dwarven cities located on the south side of the western continent. Each is an independent political entity with its own form of rule and body of laws (although the latter are somewhat uniform throughout the region). In general, the Cities cooperate in matters of defense, road maintenance, and trade, and travel between them is fairly easy. In many cases, the term city is overstating the population center's size. Most of the Free Cities are fairly small and have a large rural population.

The Cities

Black Peak

A Dwarven enclave built into (wait for it!) Black Peak Mountain, one of the tallest mountains of the Cloud Dividers. Black Peak is the biggest Dwarven settlement in the Free Cities, but its council pursues isolationist foreign policies.

Breeze Hill

In many ways, Breeze Hill is similar to Black Peak. Its ruling families maintain their realm in relative isolation. There are rumors that the Guardians of Mendia have found a new home here, but no one has ever proven that. The city's residents are mostly Humans and Elves.


Cairn is a predominately Dwarven town, and best known for being home to the High Hall, the central stronghold of the Red Wardens. The High officers of the Wardens have seats on the city council along with several elected officials.


This city is located in the heart of a valley forested with huge oaks and beeches. It is home to many Elves, who are renowned for their woodworking skills.


Eastgate is a frontier settlement located east of the ruins of Hismir. Nominally one of the Free Cities, it is a raucous place, filled with explorers and adventurers looking for riches and magic in the ruins of Hismir.


A prosperous town with a mixed population. The original base of operations of the Guardians of Mendia has shed its shame and become a welcoming city. It's lakefront location an river access to the Green Sea make it an attractive port for the western cities of the league.


The city takes its name from a massive stone bridge built by the Outsiders. Highbridge is the biggest port in the Free Cities, and the primary departure point for ships heading to Bluewater Gate, Redtower, or Westshore. The bridge that gives the town its name is truly an astonishing piece of engineering.


Ironhold is a fortified city that guards one of the major passes through the Cloud Dividers. It sits atop a plateau that overlooks the pass and the Scorch. The fortifications here are second only to those found at Cairn and Ironhold troops are renowned for their martial prowess.


A fortified town on the coast of the Green Sea. Redtower is the most independent of the Free Cities and has close ties to Lowbridge, Bluestone, and Hillfast, cities with no affiliation with the league. It is a major port and facilitates trade between the independent cities, the Free Cities, the Windy Isles, and the Eastlands.


This mining community has a large Dwarven population and close ties to Black Peak. Its leaders are far less isolationist, however, and welcome visitors and traders from all the Free Cities.


Isolated by its location, Southshore is home to fiercely independent Humans and Elves who earn their livings from the Green Sea and mines in the Encircling Peaks.


Woodway is a literal crossroads. Roads from Ironhold, Cairn, Dimdell, and Graywall all meet here, and the powerful merchant council collects its tax on all goods that pass along the realm's well-maintained toll roads.