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The Mithos

Names in Tongues:


Legend tells us Yeotu and Trian originally created the Mithos to prevent Mios from ruling the night. According to legend each of the two Elder Gods gave a portion of their own energies to create these beings. Some of the Mithos remained in the heavens and joined Yeotu and Trian in fighting Mios, while others joined the darkness against their brethren. Still others came to Eria and remained there, often joining with other living beings in a strange sort of symbiosis.

Of course none can say if the legends of the Mithos' creation are true, but no one argues with the fact that there are beings in this world that have a supernatural aspect. They are known by many names, but true scholars refer to these beings as the Mithos, the Burning Darkness.

There are generally thought to be three general classes of Mithos:


Sages theorize that the Pure and descended Mithos have permanent form on the Primal Plane, an alternate reality of energy that parallels this world. Some go so far as to claim they may not assume physical form in the mundane world unless some outside agency gives them passage. Similarly Mithos manifested in the real world cannot return to the Primal Plane without aid. Tainted Mithos are native to this world, and cannot travel to the Primal Plane without aid. Indeed the most radical of sages claim Tainted Mithos could not survive the Primal Plane.


When manifested on the Prime Material Plane, Mithos show a wide range of abilities, including spell and spell-like powers, shape-changing abilities, immunity to weapons and magic, mental powers, and great intelligence. However all have similar weaknesses as well. They are all affected by cold forged iron, and all can be contained within properly inscribed magical circles. Additionally, certain forms of magic are quite potent against the Mithos, and specific spells have been created to provide protection against these beings.


Mithos can be summoned with the proper application of magical power, creating a gateway between the Primal Plane and the real world. The most basic requirements for summoning a Pure or Descended Mithos are knowledge of the being's name, and some material object attractive to the being. Of course a careful summoner will use protective devices to provide for their safety when the being is summoned, and should be prepared to return the creature to its home plane should it prove intractable. Tainted Mithos are easier to summon and control -- in fact many can be treated with as mundane beings. Tainted tend to be less bound by magical constraint however, so they make riskier partners.

A Catalog of Mithos

Sages constantly argue over the proper categorization of Mithos in general, but there are some broadly accepted guidelines for cataloging the beings.

The Divine

Those Mithos that remained aligned with Yeotu and Trian are referred to as Divine. These beings are further subdivided according to power and rank. The Divine tend to be the least involved in human affairs, though there are documented reports of encounters with Divine Mithos.

The Diabolic

Those Mithos that turned to Mios are termed Diabolic. A great many summoners pursue knowledge of these creatures so they may control their vast power. The Diabolic Mithos are more inclined to meddle in the affairs of humans, but are usually more concerned with achieving their own ends than aiding any that summon them.

The Elementals

These Mithos are generally Descended or Tainted and have the aspect of one or more facets of nature herself. Sages claim the Mithos that came to Eria and did not join with living beings became the Elementals. These creatures vary in temperament and power as much as the world itself. Some are as predictable as granite, others as wild as lightning.

The Unliving

There are those sages that claim many forms of undead are actually Mithos, and not constructs of Umekai as is generally accepted. This is a minority opinion among scholars, but certain creatures thought to be undead may actually be Mithos that have similar characteristics.

The Wild

Those Mithos that joined with beasts became the Wild, supernatural creatures that roam the world. There are untold forms of Wild Mithos in the world, ranging from the mundane to the outlandish.

The Growing

These are the Mithos that joined with plants, and are the least understood of the Mithos. Indeed some of the Growing are indistinguishable from mundane plant life.

The Unknown

Mithos that cannot be classified fall into this group. Some scholars classify these Mithos as an entire different sort of creature all together. Others feel these are descended Mithos born of a joining of Mithos with magic.

Legendary Groupings

Legends tell of many groups of Mithos serving the Elder and Younger Gods. Here is a brief catalog of their names and numbers as told by legend and story.

The Black Court

Nine of the most evil Mithos serve as Mios's captains. Each of the Black commands three lieutenants and a personal legion of 729 diabolic Mithos. Each lieutenant is also commands a personal guard of 81 diabolic Mithos.

The Court of Trian

81 Mithos serve Trian, each of these served by 81 other Mithos of lesser power.

The Nine

Of the Divine, there are nine pure Mithos who serve Yeotu directly. Each of these Mithos commands a legion of 729 lesser divine Mithos.

The Preservers

Nine Mithos of great power serve Yeo Alos, watching the borders between night and day. Each of the nine is served by a legion of 729 lesser Mithos.

The Quarn

Four of the most powerful elemental Mithos serve Nomia So, each commanding a legion of 4096 lesser elemental Mithos.

The Sky Walkers

Also known as the Wind Walkers.

Legend claims this group of Mithos serves Hajba the Wanderer. They are an unpredictable collection of creatures, some with Diabolic aspects, some with Divine. They are 25 in number, each served by 125 lesser Mithos.

The Three

Three of the most powerful divine Mithos serve Somai directly. Each commands a legion of 729 lesser divine Mithos.

Eyes of the World

Numerous Wild and Growing Mithos serve Eria and Seshai, watching over the lands and seas and protecting their chosen areas of power. Legend places the number of Eyes at 9 legions of 729 lesser and greater Mithos.

The Defilers

Zar and is served by nine powerful Mithos, each commanding a legion of 81 lesser Mithos. The Defilers range across world, spreading destruction where they pass.

The Fallen

81 Mithos serve Umekai as his personal guard. Legends concerning these Mithos are confused, as they seem to take on the characteristics of undead. The 81 Fallen may each be served by 3 or 9 lieutenants, depending on which legends are believed.

Shadow Watchers

Sholis is served by 9 Mithos, each commanding 9 lieutenants, each commanding a group of 9 more lesser Mithos.

The Fist of Neemosh

729 of the fiercest Mithos serve as Neemosh's personal guard. Each commands a group of 9 lesser Mithos who carry out Neemosh's orders in the world.

Chaos's Eye

Yull Nomia is served by an unknown number of Mithos who carry out his will upon the world and spread chaos wherever they appear.

Mithos Powers and Weaknesses

Mithos have many varied and obscure powers depending on their origins, but most have the following characteristics in common.

In addition, descended and pure Mithos have the following additional abilities:

Pure Mithos have the following additional abilities:


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