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Religon Among the Under-dwellers

The Dwarves and Gnomes (the under-dwellers) are polytheistic, with relatively small pantheon. The vast majority of the under-dwellers hold Jinkana-Zol as their primary goddess, believing she is the reason they were created.

The under-dwellers also have a strong belief in the afterlife and ancestor worship, holding that the dead who are worthy return to the world to watch over their descendants. This belief is reinforced by the under-dweller practice of creating ancestral weapons and armor, items of magical power that increase in power with each subsequent generation. The under-dwellers belief a portion of each wielder's spirit remains in the weapon, increasing its potency.

Of The Gods

In the beginning the universe was a vast gray nothing, without shape or form. Then Goza-Tazok came from beyond the universe and broke the nothingness into pieces, forming the gods, Shol-Makul, Azimagri, Agim-Zul, and Jikana-Zol. At first the gods were all alike, but Goza-Tazok touched each of them with his chaos, changing them all.

Shol-Makul and Jikana-Zol began to change the universe around them, creating the skies and the world. Together they began to populate it with all sorts of creatures and plants. They invited the other gods to join them in their creation, but the others refused. Goza-Tazok returned to the void beyond the universe, and Agim-Zul watched the two in their work, but Azimagri grew jealous and hid in the darkness beneath the world, plotting against Shol-Makul and Jikana-Zol.

Of the First People

Now the gods saw that the world was a good place, but they were lonely in their placed of power. Jikana-Zol took up stone and earth, formed it into man-shapes, and breathed life into it, creating the first Dwarves, Gnomes, and other deep dwellers. She commanded her creations to go forth and bring beauty to the depths of the world. To aid them she granted them mastery of stone, metal, and fire, knowing this would inspire them to shape many beautiful objects.

Shol-Makul formed man-shapes of wood and grass and breathed on them, creating the first Men. Shol-Makul commanded the first Men to go forth and tame the surface of the world he surveyed each day, bringing order to the wilds. He gifted his creations with curiosity and a desire for knowledge, knowing this would cause them to explore the vast world.

Azimagri was left with only the remnants to work with. He created many kinds of man-shapes, but each was touched with his own darkness. When he breathed on them the Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and other foul creatures sprang forth. He commanded them to go forth and conquor, and granted them the gifts of war and destruction.

Finally, Agim-Zul took up the twilight beneath the trees and the shadows of the mountains and formed it into man-shapes. When he breathed on them the first Elves were formed. He commanded the Elves to go forth and do as they would, and granted them the gifts of wisdom and long life.

After all the people were created Goza-Tazok returned to the world, changing each with his touch. To the Dwarves and Gnomes he brought greed. The Men of Shol-Makul he touched with the lust for power. To the creations of Azimagri he gave discord, while the Elves were split into the light and dark races.

The Sundering and the Great Sphere

When the world was finished, Jikana-Zol took up residence in the depths, while Shol-Makul coursed across the sky once each day, surveying all that had been created. Azimagri saw his opportunity and while Shol-Makul rested after his flight across the heavens he siezed the night sky, tainting it with his dark presence.

When Jikana-Zol and Shol-Makul saw what Azimagri had done, they were furious and rose up to smite him from the heavens. Long the war between the gods raged, spreading chaos and destruction across the face of the world, and during the great battle, Shol-Makul's mighty sword Voikaine was shattered.

Agim-Zul watched the destruction and decided to try and end the conflict. He visited each of the gods in turn, and showed them the harm they were bringing to the world and their own peoples. The three agreed the conflict was destroying their creation, but could not agree on a means of ending the wars. Finally Agim-Zul sought out Goza-Tazok and asked him to help.

The elder god returned to the world, bringing chaos with him. He fashioned a great crystal sphere and placed the world within, then he commanded each god to leave the globe. Shol-Makul and Azimagri he ordered to the skies, each with dominion over half. Jikana-Zol he placed beneath the world in the depths.

To Agim-Zul he gave command of the Great Sphere itself, appointing him guardian of the passages between the world and the gods, for though the sphere was impassable to the gods, it was also touched with Goza-Tazok's chaos, and many holes and crevices dotted its surface. Through these the gods still reach forth, touching the world when their followers call. When one of the people of the world dies their spirit rises through the Great Sphere and with Agim-Zul's permission passes on to their creator. Those people unworthy of passing on to the afterlife become the slaves of Agim-Zul, toiling as he sees fit both inside and outside the Great Sphere.

Of the Ancestors

The under-dwellers believe those ancestors that reach the afterlife watch over their descendants within the Great Sphere. Occasionally these ancestors may return to the world to aid one of their family line. Under-dwellers also believe that honoring ancestors and offering sacrifices to them may help free those that were imperfect from the toils imposed by Agim-Zul.

The Minion of Azimagri

Long after the Great Sphere was created Azimagri decided to infect the world with his presence once again. He found a mighty witch-king among the Men and poured a portion of his power into this evil host. For long years did Zulos reign in terror and fear, until Shol-Makul sent a message to the Men and Dwarves, telling them to recover a shard of the broken blade Voikaine, and forge it into a weapon of power. This was done, and the Minion of Azimagri was defeated, but only at great cost, for many Men, Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves were slain in the great last battle, and the world was scarred forever.

Basic Beliefs

Why Are We Here?

The life goal of all under-dwellers is the creation of wonderous and beautiful things as Jinkana-Zol commanded when she created her people. Many under-dwellers realize they do not have the skill to create worthy goods, so they give honor and support to those that do. Under-dwellers also oppose the evil people of Azimagri, warring upon them whenever the opportunity arises.

How to Live

Increase the beauty of the world, and assist and protect others that do so. Defeat the minions of Azimagri wherever they may be found. Under-dwellers place great pride in family honor and ancestry, and stains upon personal honor reflect upon the family. The honor of one's clan is second only to the honors bestowed upon the gods themselves.

What Happens When You Die?

All under-dwellers pass beyond the Great Sphere, there to be judged by Agim-Zul. Those found worthy pass on to join their creator in everlasting peace and glory. Those that are unworthy become the slaves of Agim-Zul, assisting him in the maintenance of the Great Sphere and the compact that binds the gods beyond its walls.

The Gods

Signs and Symbols

Deity Common Symbols
Jinkana-Zol A great gem bearing a great eye, a green and brown sphere (ying/yang)
Shol-Makul A bronze sunburst, an upraised sword
Azimagri A three-eyed serpent, a black sphere
Agim-Zul A whole circle, a scale
Goza-Tazok A broken circle, a three armed spiral


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