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Ancestral Items

Mithril has many unique properties of interest to the mage. One such property is the ability to capture the nature of a bloodline in a magical construct, forever tying the magic item to a specific person and their descendents. At their initial forging these items are unremarkable, save for their unique tie to a specific person. Over the years however, they slowly absorb the spiritual energies of their owners, binding it into the enchantment of the item. As this transfer of spiritual energies continues, the item may gain sentience, providing guidance and direction to the bearer. They can be dangerous however, as particularly strong items can control a weak-willed bearer. In these cases the bearer may find themselves mimicing the behavior of a long-dead ancestor or carrying out deeds they would ordinarily find distasteful.

Ancestral items radiate a magical dweomer, but behave as normal items in the hands of one not of the proper bloodline. The item's bloodline may be discovered via an Identify spell or other magical means.


Very few posess the knowledge required to create an ancestral item, as it involves great magical effort, skilled crafting, and proper materials. Should a suitable creator be found the process of creating an ancestral item takes weeks of effort and cost thousands of coin. The mithril required to create an ancestral dagger would cost 2000 or more coins if it could be found at all.


Ancestral items are, for the most part, indestructable. Their parts can be seperated but destroying the intrinsic magic of the item is very difficult. Should someone with the proper knowledge be found, it may be possible to unmake the item and recover at least the mithril used in its initial forging. This process is risky however, and the cost to perform such a ritual will be substantial.


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