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Religion among the Mondar

Unlike the other major races on the continent, the Mondar who follow their own traditional racial beliefs are a minority among their own kind. Many Mondar, particularly those in the Empire, have adapted to the more common Vichese belief system. At first glance this seems odd, but there are fundamental similarities between the Vichese and Mondar beliefs.

In the Eastern Kingdoms however there are still enclaves of Mondar who hold to their own racial beliefs. The Mondar tradition is a monotheistic one, centered on worshiping Da-chan, the sun and the ruler of the skies, who is opposed by Takachi, the ruler of the night.


Of the Gods

In the Mondar view Da-chan and Takachi created the world as each tested the other's power. Before the world was created, each created their own armies of Sekocha (the Mithos). Great wars ensued, and the Sekocha fought long and hard for their gods, but to no avail, each side was evenly matched.

The gods realized the war would never end and called a truce. After long debate they agreed to a different means of settling their differences. Together they created the world, each taking dominion over one half. Once the world was created, each created their own followers to inhabit it and to fight the other's creations. Both agreed not to interfere with the events of the world, but the Sekocha were allowed to remain in the world and respond to the call of their god's creations.

Da-chan first created the first twelve Mondar and the rest of the human races. The Mondar Emperor is a direct descendant of the first Mondar created by Da-chan. Takachi created the Orcs, Goblins, and other evil races. The Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes do not appear in the traditional Mondar mythos (perhaps because there are none on the Mondar home continent).

When Da-chan created the Mondar, he ordered a single Sekocha to guide and protect each of the twelve. The Mondar believe when one dies their soul joins with their guardian Sekocha, thus strengthening the family line. When the Sekocha loyal to Da-chan have gained enough strength, they will be able to drive the Sekocha loyal to Takachi from the world and achieve victory for their god. Of course some would prefer to see Takachi victorious, so some Mondar have turned to the side of the dark god.

Of the Sekocha

The Sekocha are everywhere in the world, but they are, for the most part, passive. The powerful or the righteous can call upon them to perform great feats. The Sekocha are divided into the Light, those created by Da-chan, and the Dark, those created by Takachi.

The Sekocha are incorporeal, but some have bonded with mundane creatures to create strange magical hybrids. Many of these creatures are powerful forces for good or evil.

Of Magic

The traditional Mondar view magic as the gift of the gods. Each god placed many tools at the disposal of their creations, and magic was one of them. Knowledge of magic was given to the original guardian Sekocha, to be passed on to their lines. Each Sekocha passed on the knowledge they thought was appropriate, giving rise to the various magical disciplines studied in the Mondar tradition.

The Twelve Families

The family lines descended from the first twelve Mondar created by Da-chan are considered holy by traditional Mondar. Most of the aristocracy of the Eastern Kingdoms traces their family line back to one of the twelve.

Basic Beliefs

Why Are We Here?

The Mondar are reflections of Da-chan, and they exist to carry out his will upon the earth, the battleground of light versus darkness, good versus evil. Only when the last of the Sekocha loyal to Takachi are driven from the world and will Da-chan achieve victory and drive the dark one from the universe. The Mondar must strive to defeat the forces of Takachi and strengthen their own line by living an honorable and virtuous life.

How to Live

The primary task of all true Da-chan believers is to defeat the evil of Takachi. This is accomplished by living an honorable and virtuous life. It is also accomplished by giving honor to the family Sekocha, both directly, by worshipping at a properly dedicated altar, and indirectly by honoring ancestors who have joined with the family Sekocha.

What Happens When You Die?

When one dies, one's soul joins with the family's Sekocha, granting it a measure of power. The more honorable and virtuous one was in life, the more power granted.

The Gods

Signs and Symbols

Deity Common Symbol
Da-chan Green sunburst on a blue background
Takachi A silver-circled black orb.


All material Copyright (C) Mark A. Thomas