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The Knights of the Sun Blade

In the early days of the Empire, the followers of Somai were much more militant in their beliefs. They actively persecuted those that did not follow one of the gods of light. In 14 YOE Astini Dao, a Knight of Somai, claimed he received a vision from Somai himself, ordering him to purge the unbelievers from the Empire. In 15 YOE he broke his sword at the Knight's Council and established his own order. Many of the most fanatical Knights of Somai followed his lead and joined the Knights of the Sun Blade.

Astini became known as The Cleanser. Together with his band of dedicated knights he began a great purge, accusing those dedicated to other gods, even the other Gods of Light, of being heretics. Accusations of treason and disloyalty were also used to remove those who opposed the new Knighthood, and the Sun Blades grew in power.

Initially the Cleanser and his Knights of the Sun Blade had the support of the Emperor, but as time passed and the scope of the purges grew, the Emperor became more reserved in his support. Priests of Seshai and the Knights of Trian united against the growing power of the Sun Blade, bringing political pressure against the new order. They also raised the common folk against them, inciting protests in the capital.

In 21 YOE the Cleanser was brought before the Emperor and accused of crimes against the Empire and humanity. After a lengthy trial the Emperor declared the Cleanser guilty. However to appease the powerful Church of Somai, he pardoned those Knights of the Sun Blade who were accused of no crime. The order was not disbanded, but the Emperor forced the appointment a much more liberal Knight Father.

The Knights of the Sun Blade are still one of the most militant orders within the Empire. Over the course of the Empire's history they have carried out any number of religious purges, though none so violent or widespread as that carried out by the Cleanser. Rumors persist of a secret order within the Knighthood, an order that persecutes unbelievers in secret.

Basic Beliefs

How to Live

True believers can only gain favor with Somai by cleansing evil from the face of Eria. All practitioners of the dark arts, including witches, mages, priests of the Dark Orders and their worshippers must be destroyed. There is no other path to the Light. Those that ignore evil are as guilty as those that carry out evil acts.

In the public eye the Knights are inclined to be vehement opponents of anything that even hints at opposition to Somai and the other deities of Light. There are persistent rumors that there are secret orders within the Knighthood that carry out campaigns of religious persecution, violent purges and other actions directed at those that do not toe the line.

How Followers are Judged

Somai judges his followers by their purity of belief and their actions in life. Evil acts, allowing evil to continue, or ignoring the heretical beliefs of others are all black marks against the soul. Only the purest may join Somai in the pure rays of his eternal Light.

Signs and Symbols

The primary symbol of the Knights of the Sun Blade is greenish sunburst pierced by an ornate sword, point up.


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