This is just a quick summary of what I think this game is going to be about. Hopefully putting this out here will ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Colony combines a bit of traditional dungeon and world exploration with opportunities for urban adventures and, if players are interested, a bit of political intrigue and empire building. New Kavlin is a city with an established government, but it's built upon the ideals and institutions of a country that may no longer exist. Many of the residents arrived with no resources, and more are coming. The situation is, as they say, fluid.

While exploration is part of the game, I've (hopefully) developed this area so we're not facing long overland trips on a regular basis. A few days in the wilderness puts many locales and encounters within reach.

Unlike the Wilds game, characters have a small amount of plot immunity. That doesn't mean characters can't die, but I'm hoping this game is a little less deadly. On the flip side, killing everything you encounter may not be the best approach. Negotiating for resources and establishing relationships can build the party's personal power and their influence in the city.

More generally - we're all adults with busy lives, and we're all doing this for fun. As always, if you have questions, don't understand something or, most importantly, aren't enjoying yourself, let's talk about it.