Here's a general summary of character creation.

Who Are You?

All characters are humans from Sarvikar, either natives or refugees from one of the other Old World nations. Each player will have two characters, although I don't expect them to be played simultaneously, giving us plenty of flexibility in group composition for the shorter adventures this game will (hopefully) have.

Character Guidelines

All characters should have some reason to work with the group, no loners who won't cooperate with others, please. All classes from the AEC are fair game, but see the section on rule changes below and drop me a note if you plan on choosing monk or assassin. As far as outlook, I'd prefer characters who are generally good. They'll be heading into a situation where the common cause of everyone is survival working against a hostile environment.

Character Creation

HP example: a magic user should use: 2d4+4r1, which rolls two d4s rerolling any ones and adding 4 (for first level) to the results. If anyone is confused by the dice roller, I can generate the results and send them to both of us.

Rule Changes

Hit Dice

Use the following base hit dice for each class:

(*) Monks and Rangers start with 2 Hit Dice (max value) at first level.


The following classes can use guns (see Mechanics):

Class Notes


All characters should select a religious affiliation (either of the two main religions, one of the older cults or no beliefs). Choose wisely, since the organized religions have some strictures on their treatment of non-believers (see Religion).


Clerics will almost all be priests of Sarva and part of the Congrgation of Eternal Dawn. Talk to me if you want to try an Old Cult priest; they'll face serious challenges.


Druids worship Moda, and tend the needs of the Followers of the Tree.

Magic-users and Illusionists

We'll determine the spells in your spell books once characters are finalized.

Starting Gear

All characters start with 120 GP and the following equipment:

I'm not going to do detailed encuberance for this game, but anyone carrying 5 two-handed swords or similar unreasonable loads will be eaten by a grue.

Character Sheet

Once we've finished character creation, please copy/paste the following template into a simple text document, fill it out and email it to me. Having this info in a standard format is really helpful to me. Eventually, I'll put up a shared file with all this information available.



	AC (full): 
	AC (no shield/no dex): 

	XP Bonus: 


	Equipment List


Roll Set One

Row #191011131510
Row #28714131213
Row #3121415131016
Row #414131671013
Row #5111215121412
Row #691217181014
Row #7101713161411
Row #81391417115
Row #9131313131316
Row #10121410181414

Roll Set Two

Row #1131314121118
Row #2101213151810
Row #348109914
Row #4131110161217
Row #511914111714
Row #6131316141115
Row #7151610131713
Row #8181712141012
Row #911816141215
Row #101481691117