The Map


Hexes are 1 mile across the flats

Black Needle Forest

Dense stands of pine and fir fill this narrow valley, which remains unexplored and unexploited, despite it's closeness to New Kavlin. Two mapping expeditions have vanished in these shadowy woods.

Broken Hill Mine

Some cataclysm tore apart this mountain, leaving a deep crater behind. Rich deposits of various gemstones and assorted precious metals make it a valuable resource for its owner, Reval Karst.

The Crystal Ruin

Towers and walls of broken crystal surround a black monolith. A carved silver arch leads into its forbidding interior.

Doomed Lady

The sailing route into New Kavlin's harbor passes this unusual landmark, a large sailing vessel perched precariously atop a fat spire of natural stone. From a distance, it's impossible to say if the ship is a wreck tossed atop the rocks by a freak storm or a carved stone formation. Sailors view the site with suspicion and some claim to see lights moving around the ship's decks after dark.


A dank and miserable prison mine owned by the New Kavlin government. It produces a significant amount of coal, copper and iron.


A rich iron strke gave this mine its name, but it's also a source of sulfur, lime and other compounds used in black powder manufacturing.

Maple Vale

A village southwest of New Kavlin. The site of Bela Finash's manor.


A logging camp located northeast of New Kavlin and east of Vinehold.

Pleasant Vale

This valley appears green and rich, but looks are deceiving. The area is filled with boggy ground and the soft limestone beneath is riddled with caves. Pleasant Vale is a small village that ekes out a living farming and quarrying limestone. It is also the site of Tragen Luko's manor house.

The Red Teeth

The curved line of barrows that top a rocky hill west of New Kavlin. The mounds are made from dark red stone from an unknown source.

Silverstream Mine

A once-productive mine that was abandoned before the appearance of the Red Horde for unknown reasons. It's owned by Jinel Vine, a relative newcomer, who took over the family estates after the death of her father.


A small and prosperous settlement south of New Kavlin. The site of Reval Karst's manor.


A settlement north of New Kavlin, home to Jinel Vine's estate.