The Old World



Alpheg was a prosperous and peaceful realm. Together with Darubhan, it controlled a significant portion of the region's agricultural resources. The Alphegan and Darubhani nobility share many family ties, and the two nations are strong allies. They enjoyed significant political power prior to their conquest by the Red Horde.


Darubhan and its ally Alpheg dominated the economic and political landscape in the old world. They controlled a large chunk of the region's agricultural production, and Darubhan served as the primary trade route between Severlak and the western nations, Sarvikar and Modari. Darubhani and Alphegan nobility share many family ties.


Modari lies on the southern coast of the old world and shares borders with Darubhan to the northeast and Sarvikar to the northwest. A coastal region blessed with an ideal climate, Modari is famous for its wines, fruit and horses.


Sarvikar is a coastal nation with a cool climate. It shares borders with Alpheg, Darubhan and Modari, and trades with all three. Politically, Sarvikar was less powerful than the Alpheg and Darubhan alliance, but the imposing hills that form its eastern border, along with its relatively advanced industrial capabilities, served as a strong deterrent to military incursions. Sarvikar was the first nation to discover gunpowder and invent guns.


Severlak is a mountainous region rich in mineral resources but poor in agricultural lands. The people are hardy and independant. Vestok, the capital, lies near the border between Severlak, Alpheg and Darubhan.