Magic Users and Society


Magic users are, for the most part, accepted by the community. Some of the more extreme Sarvan orders have attempted to outlaw certain forms of magic (demonology and charms). Magic users, being a secretive lot, do not have a formal guild. There are a few loose organizations that you may have heard of. Whether they have any presence in the colony is unknown.

Fraternity of the Concealed Light

A group of magic users who share information and provide training to promising students. They are a strict white magic order.

The Illuminated Mind

A loose affiliation of magic users rumored to have close ties to the Sarvikarian government. Several court wizards, including those charged with transmitting military and government orders over great distances, are rumored to be members.

Order of the Star

A group of magic users who share information. The organization's chief interests include some of the less savory aspects of magic, Members often fall under the scrutiny of the Sacred Council of the Solar of the Congregation of Eternal Dawn.