New Kavlin

The Map


1 - The Beyond

A mix of poor land worked by tenant farmers and hovels for day laborers and fishermen.

2 - Raven Rock

An imposing pillar of granite rising from the sea. It's topped by the ruin of an ancient fort, partially reconstructed, that serves as prison, military headquarters and secure storage for government resources.

3 - The Arches

A mix of houses occupied by fishermen, whalers and guilded dock workers plus a few poor businesses that cater to the working classes.

4 - The Sheds

This area is packed with drying sheds for fish as well as a few boat houses and small warehouses. The seawall to the east protects these structures from storms.

5 - Docks

While the entire area below the Precipice is called the Docks, this area contains the actual piers and jetties that serve the larger vessels of the town's fishing and whaling fleet.

6 - The Works

A mix of warehouses, workshops and other noisy and smelly businesses. Guild halls for the Dockers Guild, Trades Cooperative and Laborer's Collective are all located in this district.

7 - Military Docks

Two small and worn warships make up the entire New Kavlin fleet. Access to this area is restricted and regular military patrols sweep the area.

8 - South End

This district is dominated by tanneries, animal pens, butchers and stables. It smells terrible.

9 - Docks Post

Military patrols for the Docks, Arches and Beyond use this fortified structure as a base of operations. A stone barracks with a tower, walled yard and stables create a significant defensive strongpoint.

10 - The Bend

This neighborhood marks the start of South Hill. It contains mix of homes and businesses, many associated with the butcheries and tanneries in South End. The Landowner's Partnership is located in this district.

11 - Splitway

Water Street splits into Overlook and Hillside here, and the inns and entertainment venues in this neighborhood takes advantage of the traffic.

12 - Cliffside

A residential district with a few businesses catering to households. A mix of merchants and craftsmen live here.

13 - Silverforge

A commercial district that's home to many craftsmen, including gold and silver smiths. The Miner's Guild, Guild of Smiths and Mercantile Collective are all headquartered here.

14 - Beechwood

An extension of Silverforge, this area is home to many carpenters, masons and related trades. The neighborhood takes its name from three huge beech trees in the local park.

15 - Hillside Post

A fortified military outpost that serves as a local base of operations for patrols in South and Top Hill.

16 - Weaver's Row

As the name implies, this business district is home to weavers, leatherworkers and related crafts.

17 - Top Bank

This neighborhood is mostly residential, with a few businesses offering household goods, clothing and personal items. While the north edge is fairly affluent, the south side is much less so.

18 - Gateway

This area contains a number of large homes owned by various land grant holders and high-ranking government officials and clergy. Many of these mansions are protected by walls and private guard forces.

19 - Bridgewatch

A neighborhood of expensive houses and mansions, most occupied by the wealthiest merchants in New Kavlin. Like Gateway, these homes are well protected.

20 - High Point

This area is mostly residential, but it's also home to the two largest churches in New Kavlin, plus the public square, where executions are held, government proclamations are read and taxes are collected.

21 - Military HQ

Parade grounds, barracks, stables and storehouses dominate this district, home to New Kavlin's military forces. The area is heavily patrolled and surrounded by a low stone wall.

22 - Northside

This neighborhood is primarily home ot government officials and military officers.

23 - Governor's Mansion

This compound contains both the governor's residence and an array of government offices.