The Hasuden are one of two races of humans in the Kingdoms of Jal. In contrast to the short and pale Toresden, the Hasuden are generally tall, dark and rangy. They are most common in the Kingdoms' southern reaches, where they make up most of the nobility. In general they're a hotheaded bunch who are far too concerned with personal and family honor. They're good to have in a fight though, and they value friendship and loyalty almost as much as family.


The Toresden are one of two races of humans in the Kingdoms of Jal, the other being the Hasuden. The Toresden are generally short and pale, with rugged physiques well suited to their native northern climes. They are an easy-going but clannish folk, generous with their friends, swift to anger and swift to forgive. Toresden are always willing help a neighbor or a friend, and have little tolerance for selfishness or greed. Communal effort is a major component of Toresden society.


The Dwarfs inhabit the Tajen Peaks, living both above and below ground in small enclaves organized along clan lines. Dwarfs are rugged and strong, inured to the harsh climate of the mountains they inhabit. Dwarfs are primarily herdsmen and miners, though they also build underground fish ponds and mushroom farms to supplement their diets.

Clans are, well, clannish. The stereotype of the dour Dwarf is misleading however, as once you get past the clannish suspicion of strangers, they are a cheerful and friendly people.


The Elves are most populous in the forests southwest of Hustwood. They are wood-wise and reclusive, living in nomadic groups, hunting and gathering what they need from the lands they travel through. They are carefree and seem, to other races at least, flighty and unpredictable. In some sense this is true, Elves care little for the wealth and power that drives human and Dwarf culture. They desire knowledge and understanding of the natural world above all other things.

Elves are generally peaceful and friendly, but woe unto anyone that harms one of their natural refuges or, even worse, one of the few Elven children. Elves hold to their blood-oaths for their entire lives, and they live a very, very long time.


Halflings are a short and stolid race, fond of food, farming, and the comforts of home. They are most commonly found in the farmlands near Auslaug, particularly in the rolling grasslands on the eastern bank of the Hembard River. Halflings are a friendly race, but their small stature makes them a bit cautious around the big folk. They have little love for the mountains, or the cold, though some share the Elves' love of the woods.

Halflings are the least warlike of the civilized races, preferring to avoid conflict when possible. Once roused, however, they quickly band together with friends and family to defend themselves, using trickery and deceit to confuse their foes and lead them into deadly traps.