Hustwood is the southernmost of the three villages that make up the Hembard Wilds, the other two being Auslaug and Brekkevale. Hustwood is located in the deep woodlands about forty miles southwest of Auslaug. The inhabitants are a mix of Toresden and Hasuden, with the Hasuden being the more numerous group. Elves pass through the village with soem regularity, though they seldom stay for long. There are also a few Halflings that call Hustwood home. The village was founded 75 years ago.

The villagers are a mix of woodsmen, charcoal burners, trappers, and hunters. A handful of farming homesteads, mostly in clear-cut lands to the northeast round out the populace. The village proper has about 1400 residents, while another 2100 farm the surrounding territory.

Hustwood is connected to Auslaug by the Wood Road, a broad path, part dirt (and mud), part corduroy, the road serves as the primary route into and out of the village. A lesser road, the Westwalk, connects Hustwood to New Town and Brekkevale.

The village is not fortified, though the houses on the outer edges form a sort of protective wall around the center of town.

Locations and Businesses

Red Oak Inn

The sole inn in Hustwood. Small and quaint, but with good food. The halfling proprietors take great pride in their food and ale. Space is tight for guests.

The inn is owned by Locky's parents, Brego Leatherfoot and Mila Leatherfoot.

Hustwood Supply

A small general store in Hustwood. It mostly caters to the local farmers, trappers, charcoal burners, and woodcutters. Because the village is rather isolated, the place has accumulated quite a few odds and ends, so it's quite possible to find most any sort of general gear here, though it may be used.

Hustwood Marshals

This outpost provides a base of operations for the local branch of the marshals, those militia assigned to police duties. There are usually ten or twelve marshals, along with a sergeant in charge.