Brekkevale is the northernmost of four villages that make up the Hembard Wilds, the other three being Auslaug, New Town and Hustwood. Brekkevale is in the hills just south of the Tajen Peaks. Its inhabitants are herdsmen, miners, and hunters, mostly Toresden, though a few Dwarfs live in the village and many more live in the mountains to the north.

Brekkevale has a population of about 1100 in the village proper, with another 2100 farming the surrounding area. There are numerous mining camps in the hills to the north, each with a population of 15 to 100.

Brekkevale is connected to Auslaug by a wide road, the Ironway, that Thambar the Prudent maintains to insure the steady flow of metals, furs, and wool into Auslaug. There is also a minor road, Westwalk, connecting Brekkevale to Hustwood, but this receives far less attention than the Ironway.

Brekkevale is protected by a wooden palisade wall. The town was founded eighty years ago by Irvil Brekke.

Locations and Businesses

The Red Rock

The only tavern in Brekkevale, a plain place serving the locals beer, bread, and stew. Very limited space for guests.

Hajna's General Store

The main store in Brekkevale. The place caters to local farmers and trappers mostly, with limited supplies available.

Brekkevale Marshals

This outpost provides a base of operations for the local branch of the marshals, those militia assigned to police duties. There are usually ten or twelve marshals, along with a sergeant in charge.


Dagfin Lukasen

Mayor of Brekkevale. He is a minor relative of a Baide noble from East Gorsebonn and even more distantly related to Thambar the Prudent. He is out of favor with his family.

Gnupa Hol

A crusty old farmer who lives NW of Brekkevale. He has a reputation as being mean, but is actually not too bad to deal with.