New Town

New Town and New Road are Thambar's projects to deal with the refugee problem. Refugees that work on road for at least two months will be provided a freehold in the area near New Town. The current population of the tent city is about 900, with a few hundred more scattered in the surrounding territory.

Currently, New Town is mostly tents and crude structures huddled around the bridge. There are four permanent structures.

Locations and Businesses

The Smithy

The smithy is kept busy fixing tools and shoeing horses used in road construction.


A basic barn and stable with minimal capacity and supplies.

Town Hall

This large, three-room wooden building that houses the mayor's office, surveyor's office and tax collector's office.

New Town Bridge

The bridge east of town crosses the large stream there. It has stone pilings and a wooden upper structure. There is a heavy iron gate across the center of the bridge. This is open from sunrise to sunset.

There is a toll of 1 CP per head and wheel for crossing the bridge.

New Town Fort

This wooden palisade fort is on a low rise east of the bridge in Hex_40_50, just outside New Town. It is manned by about 25 guards. The fort is still under construction, but the walls and main barracks are complete. The fort is commanded by Vargenson Detwood, son of the commander of the Highcliff Keep guard, Vargen Detwood.