Race and Class

Rules below override RAW in all cases.

Human Benefits

Human characters select a class that determines their abilities and progression, choosing one of Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User, or Thief. Non-human characters gain abilities and progression based on their race.

Cleric (HD: 1d6 REQ: WIS 7 PRIME: WIS MOVE: 12)

Clerics function as written. They use the C2 combat table.

Dwarf (HD: 1d8, REQ: CON 9 PRIME: STR MOVE: 6)

Dwarfs function as written EXCEPT:

Fighter (HD: 1d8 REQ: STR 7 PRIME: STR MOVE: 12)

Fighters function as written EXCEPT:

Halfling (HD: 1d6 REQ: DEX 9, CON 7 PRIME: STR, DEX MOVE: 9)

Halflings function as written EXCEPT:

High Elf (HD: 1d6 REQ: INT 9 STR 7 PRIME: STR, INT MOVE: 12)

High Elves are those that choose the noble scholar's path, focusing on lore and magic. They are the leaders and nobles of the Elven people. High Elves function as Elves EXCEPT:

Magic-User (HD: 1d4 REQ: INT 7 PRIME: INT MOVE: 12)

Magic-Users function as written. They use combat table C4.

Thief (HD: 1d6 REQ: DEX 7 PRIME: DEX MOVE: 12)

Thieves function as written EXCEPT:

Wood Elf (HD: 1d6 REQ: INT 7 DEX 9 PRIME: STR, DEX MOVE: 12)

Wood Elves are those that choose the huntsman path, focusing on nature and the outdoors. They have the following characteristics:

Starting Equipment

All characters start with 3d8x10 gold pieces. Each character also begins with a backpack containing two small sacks, a bedroll, a waterskin, flint and steel, a spare cloak, and ten days of trail rations. Roll 1d8 on the following list for additional gear.

  1. 8 torches, 50' silk rope
  2. 2 oil flasks, lantern
  3. 1 scroll case, 5 parchment, ink and quill
  4. 1 flask holy water
  5. 3 days unpreserved rations, wineskin of good wine
  6. 1 grappling hook, 50' hemp rope
  7. 1 character-appropriate weapon
  8. Roll twice, rerolling this result

Side Notes


All basic hirelings are treated as 0-level humans, and use the C1 combat table. Hirelings gain half the normal experience for any activity they participate in. A hireling that gains 500 XP (and survives) can be converted to a true character of the appropriate race/class.

Hirelings have 1d8 HP (unmodified), and may have some basic gear, depending on position/type.

The Combat Table

To use this table, find the appropriate column for your character, then read down to your level. Read across to your modified roll, then up to the AC entry. That's what you hit.