Email and Turn Responses


GM turns are written Mondays and Thursdays, usually in the morning. Players should have their responses in by the prior evening. If responses hit my email the morning of a turn, they may or may not be included / considered in the GM turn.

Turn Guidelines

Some general guidelines for keeping the game moving.

Combat Turns

Combat turns are a bit more structured. Try to write in three round increments. We won't always get through three rounds, but it helps to have a skeleton in place so we can move through combat swiftly. A short preamble indicating overall desire, then three individual rounds is a great framework to write to.

One Turn, One Thread

Please keep all turn responses in the same email thread, so they are easy to find and read. Don't change subject lines, as this splits threads in some mail clients. If you have non-turn questions / discussion, please DO split that into a separate thread so it doesn't get lost in the turn discussion.