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Virtuous Follower

The Path of Virtue Initiate is a master of appearance, thought and perception, for it is through the minds of of humans that the gods project their power into the middle kingdom.

There are many deities in the middle kingdoms. Some of the more well known gods are:

The Forms of Power

The Virtuous Follower uses their own Essence to shape the thoughts and perceptions of others. They can also use their own thoughts to shape themselves, their senses and the world around them. Like all paths of power the Virtuous Follower's Forms are shaped by the five elements:

Form Element Effect
Illusion Water Creating constructs that alter the perceptions of anyone that sees them.
Telekinesis Earth The initiate enforces their will upon a portion of reality.
Alteration Wood The initiate gains great control over appearance and perception of living things.
Sensitivity Air Reading information from people, places, or things. Emotion, thought, history, and nature are all visible to the sensitive initiate.
Projection Fire Projecting thoughts, emotions, perceptions and feelings into another's mind.


Each of the five Forms has a base effect that determines its effect, range and area. Each also has a limitation of some sort on its use. The five Forms can be altered by expending additional Essence on the effect. Some Forms are easier to alter than others. The alter cost listed is the difficulty increase caused by changing the nature by one rank.


Base natureAlter Cost
Single target1
Short range2
Scene duration1
1 Essence--
Stationary illusion affecting one or two senses

Limitation: Illusions are insubstantial and can be disrupted by contact. They do not cause harm.

The target of an illusion is what is created, not who is perceiving it. Stationary means the illusion does not travel, not that it is static.

Base example: A flock of birds singing in a tree (sight/sound). A burning bush that gives off heat (sight/touch).

Upgraded example: A flock of crows swooping and cawping over a field of battle (sight/sound/motion). A bellowing troll-like figure emitting a terrible stench guarding a cave (sight/sound/smell).


Base natureAlter Cost
Single target1
Short range1
1 Essence--
Move an object with thought

Limitation: Only inanimate, unliving objects are affected.

An object moved by telekinesis can inflict the equivalent of a normal attack upon a target.

Base example: Pick up a large stone and hurl it at a foe. Move a large log so it provides a crossing across a deep chasm.

Upgraded example: Pick up a dozen stones and hurl them at a group of foes (increased area). Lift the massive bar of an iron gate (increased mass).


Base natureAlter Cost
Scene duration1
1 Essence--
The initate may alter their own form either in shape or perception.

Limitation: Submission to the will of the initiate. Only willing targets may be altered.

Base example: Appear to be someone else. Prevent yourself from being detected by one sense (invisible or silent for example).

Upgraded example: Take on the form of a wolf (great change). Become undetectable (multiple senses).


Base natureAlter Cost
Single target (special)2
Medium range1
Scene duration1
1 Essence--
Sense one aspect (*)

(*) Not aspect in the sense of a Fate Aspect.

Limitation: Like minds. The more different the mind the more difficult it is to sense.

Read emotion, thought, history or other nature of the target. Attempting to read alien minds or understand very foreign aspects is very difficult. Sensitivity is passive and cannot be resisted, though it can be detected. Applying sensitivity to multiple objects or targets provides muddled and confusing results as the nature of various objects overlap and mix. The single target nature of this Form is not limited by size as are most powers. A person, a building and a lake for example, are all a single target. The result of sensing such targets varies greatly depending on the target.

Base example: Sense emotional aura. Detect surface thoughts. Determine the origin of an item.

Upgraded example: Clearly read thoughts. Sense supernatural presence in an area and their motivation. Read the history of an item.


Base natureAlter Cost
Single target2
Short range1
Scene duration1
1 Essence--
Project an emotion, thought, or perception into the target.

Limitation: Like minds. The more different the mind the more difficult it is to sense. Resolve provides resistance.

Project emotion, sensation, thought, history or other nature of the target. Attempting to project into alien minds is very difficult. So is projecting something very foreign to the target. Unlike illusion, projections can cause harm.

Base example: Project great anger in the middle of a fight. Suggest a target to a foe. Cause the target to feel insects crawling all over them.

Upgraded example: Cause extreme panic and force a foe to flee. Force a foe to attack his commander. Cause the target to feel and see they are enveloped in flames.


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