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The Taken or Untouchables

Humans who have been fully subjugated or tainted by the Srin-ga and their allies are called Taken or Untouchables. Most of humanity views them as their worst enemy, collaborators with those responsible for the downfall of their civilization. Some claim the Srin-ga use magic to control the minds of the Taken, but there is no proof that this is the case.

The Taken are housed separately from the village in the Srin-ga compound. They are allowed weapons (pole arms and swords are common). Taken most often work with Mefun to organize work parties and keep peasants working in the fields.

Taken generally have a blank, almost drugged demeanor. This is the reason some believe they are controlled via magic or some other means. All wear a locked bronze collar that denotes their status. If their orders are resisted Taken show no hesitation in using their weapons upon the trouble-makers.


A primitive race enslaved by the Srin-ga long ago, the Mefun are squat, gray-skinned humanoids with forward thrust jaws flanked by protruding tusks and large, greenish-yellow eyes. Their heads are surmounted by protruding ears and heavy curling horns, often sharpened and used as weapons. Their feet are hooved, and their hands have two fat fingers and a thumb, each tipped with a short, heavy claw.

Mefun are immensely strong, but fairly stupid. They speak their own harsh, grunting language. Those that deal with humans on a regular basis speak at least some of the common tongue. Between their hooved feet and rasping, grunting breathing Mefun are anything but quiet. Their thick gray skin seems to provide them with some physical protection and they ignore the cold, seldom wearing more than a sack-like tunic.

All the Mefun stationed at the village are adults. Occasionally new Mefun arrive and older Mefun are taken away. Pregnant females are also rotated out of the work force to another location.


Serving as the Srin-ga's primary administrators and enforcers, the Wesh are frightening overlords. Most often seen between sundown and sunrise, the Wesh are always robed and cloaked in dark colors. They are taller than humans (7' on average). Their features are usually shadowed, though their large eyes glow with a chill purple light. Wesh seem to be bipedal, but some villagers claim they have other limbs, tentacle-like, that they can manipulate and grasp with.

All Wesh are difficult to perceive, particularly in the low light conditions they favor. Their appearance seems to shift and shimmer, and a distinct aura of unease surrounds them.

Wesh are always seen in groups of three or more. They bear no obvious weapons, though stories of them using whips and blades abound. Some humans are greatly affected by the Wesh presence, even collapsing in terror when they approach. This aspect, combined with their near undetectability at night make most humans very fearful of their presence.

The Wesh do not often deal directly with humans, sending their orders via Taken or Mefun. These messages are usually prefaced with "The Overlord commands...", giving some indication of the Wesh's importance.

When humans are selected to be Taken it is the Wesh that do the choosing. Usually this occurs during the spring plantings season. A group of Wesh, Taken and Mefun will survey the fields, choosing people at random from those working.


The seldom seen Srin-ga contrast greatly with the brutal Mefun and the shadowy Wesh. They are small beings, averaging 5' in height. They appear child-like to humans, though their brilliant golden skin and glittering black eyes reveals their true nature. Srin-ga wear colorful, flowing robes, and move with cat-like grace. They often wear elaborate, decorative crowns and jewelry of fine silver and copper. Each Srin-ga carries a scepter-like rod that serves as a mark of rank and weapon. Srin-ga are always accompanied by a group of Wesh and Mefun guards.

When a Srin-ga stops at the village security is greatly increased. Usually the village walls are watched by two pairs of Mefun guards, but with a Srin-ga staying this in doubled or trebled. Wesh regularly circle the village. Oddly the Taken are confined to their sleeping quarters (usually they are allowed free reign within the Srin-ga compound). The Srin-ga's personal retainers are given quarters within the compound while local guards are forced to camp in the courtyard.

The last Srin-ga visit was several years ago. If the past is any indication, another should be visiting within the next season or two. Srin-ga palanquins pass through the village once or twice a year, pausing briefly in their compound, then moving on.

No one alive has ever seen a Srin-ga fight, but stories passed down from previous generations say they can strike blows without touching you, open the ground beneath your feet or make you go blind.

Dragon Born

The Five Dragons have given birth to many offspring since they came to the middle kingdoms. Most of their direct offspring retain their dragonlike appearance. Some of the original dragon's offspring have bred with mundane creatures of the middle kingdom producing magical hybrids of greater or lesser power.

Lesser Dragons

The more or less pure descendants of the Five Dragons are the lesser dragons. These immortal beings retain great power and watch over vast reaches of the middle kingdoms. Ji'an-lung is likely a lesser dragon.


When the bloodlines of dragons mix with those of other creatures, the result is often an elemental. Elementals vary in strength, mind, and purpose. Many are bound to their place of birth, though some roam free.

All elementals are able to wield elemental Essence to some degree. Most can pass through their native element as if it were air.

Some known types of elementals include:

Some specific elementals include:


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