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Character Creation

Character creation is carried out in phases. Each phase the player selects one Aspect, then four skills associated with that Aspect. See Special Aspects below for plot driven Aspects that provide additional bonuses.

Spending on skills is limited in one way: There must be one more skill in the lower rank. For example to have a good skill one must already have two fair skills (and three average skills). This is referred to as the skill pyramid.

Essence can be purchased at a rate of X essence per skill.

Here is the outline of character creation.

Free Phase One: Age 8-10

Free Phase Two: Age 12-13

Phase One: Age 13-14

Phase Two: Age 14-15

Phase Three: Age 15-16

Phase Four: Age 16-17

Special Aspects

The following Aspects are available to characters during the creation process. 5 skills can be selected during any phase when one of these Aspects is chosen.

Other Skills

Rather than provide a big list of skills, we'll run on the premise that anything fitting to the scenario is fair game. There are a few things that probably shouldn't be taken:


All characters will have access to mundane equipment, clothes, outerwear, blankets, waterskins, light packs, etc. Weapons access will be limited to items useful for day to day living. Hunting bows, wood axes, spears, and knives will be available at start.


Buy a pet as an Extra. The pet gains 1 Aspect plus 4 skills/tricks. You can buy multiple ranks of the same pet to increase it's abilities. Each skill buys you 1 phase of advancement. Remember Aspects define who/what something is, Skills define what it can do.

You cannot directly control your pet unless you have an appropriate training skill. Generally this will be something like: animal training: birds, or animal training: mammal.

To give your pet an order you must roll a test of your training skill. In combat this is an action for all but the simplest commands. The difficulty of the test will be based on situation:

This means you better spend points on animal training or your pet sits around a lot.

Animals will not always go where you want to go. They may be reluctant to enter structures or enclosed places, and downright unwilling to enter places with lots of magical energies.

If you pet is slain you get back the skill ranks you spent in some form. They're part of your character. The exact timing of and form they come back in is up to me, and I'm evil.


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