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Pre-Invasion: The Kingdom

The four clans ruled many lands from the fortress city Najing for centuries. The people spread across the lands and prospered, giving rise to many prosperous cities and towns. Only the depredations of the evil Lin and the scheming of eternal Min troubled the Kingdom. The five great cities of the Kingdom were:

The four great clans established a ruling body, the Council of Twelve, to rule the Kingdom, with each of the Council ruling one of the five cities or seven provinces provinces with absolute power.

The Invasion

Long ago the Srin-ga came across the great deep, subjugating and enslaving humankind and their allies as they came. The five great cities, their libraries and temples, were all burned. The Srin-ga took over the celestial palace as their own, tainting it with their presence.

Those people that remained were made to serve, slaving under the cruel lash of the Srin-ga and their minions, the bestial Mefun and shadowy Wesh. Men and women of the cities were scattered to the fields and mines to labor and die in unfamiliar lands.

Surprisingly the common peasant survived the onslaught more easily than the merchants, bureaucrats, and craftsmen of the towns and cities. Their lot was always a poor one, and one ruler was much like the next. The Srin-ga came and established their slave masters and overseers in each village and enclave, sometimes moving people from place to place, but for the most part the peasant families survived intact.

The Present Day

Now, decades later, the Srin-ga grow complacent, thinking the spirit of mankind has failed. Their minions' rule is as oppressive as ever, but in the secret places, the hidden groves and the deep caves, men who recall the stories of their elders gather and raise altars to the old gods: Dian-fe, forest walker and master of beasts; Noga of the silver eye, healer of body and mind; Aona, bringer of winds and rain; and bloody handed Visu, vengeance incarnate. People sneak off to offer their prayers and meager sacrifices at the humble, hidden altars. Incense burned, words spoken, tears shed, they return to their downtrodden lives untouched. Usually. Sometimes it's different. Sometimes... people change.


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