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Human religion is centered around three main elements:

Ancestor Veneration

Filial piety is an important cultural feature in the middle kingdom. This duty is expressed through prayer and sacrifice directed at the departed. Upon death the human soul splits into two elements.

The eternal element (spirit) returns to mount Nefu to be judged by the gods as either worthy of a place in heaven, condemned to the lower realm, or returned to the middle kingdom in higher or lower station. The gods, being rather capricious, can be influenced by human action. Prayers and sacrifices dedicated to a god on behalf of a loved one can influence their decisions. The primary ritual associated with this ritual is giving a feast and offering a sacrifice to the departed 1 lunar cycle after their death, their day of judgement.

The mortal element (physical) remains in the middle kingdom, bound to clay funeral tablets fired in the pyre of the deceased. These tablets are revered in the clan shrine to win support and aid of the deceased.

Invocation of the Dragons

Dragons are viewed as the masters of all mundane aspects of the middle kingdoms. They affect the seasons, the harvest, the weather, the flow of rivers and streams, earthquakes, and any other natural event. There are festivals dedicated to each of the five Great Ones insuring the proper change of season and well-being of the middle kingdom. Many peasants and commoners invoke lesser Dragons to insure rivers flow, crops are bountiful and hunts are successful. Since humans are the children of the gods, Dragons have no direct power over human action or fate. Dragons can grant power over aspects of the world.

Worship of the Gods

Since the destruction of the heartstone, the gods have little direct power over the physical aspects of the middle kingdom. Humans, as children of the gods, have no such immunity. The gods are capricious and greedy, but they're not stupid. They can be invoked via sacrifice to influence or affect the course of human events. They can also grant power to humans, and humans can affect the world.


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