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The Fate Ladder

The Fate ladder is a set of adjectives used to describe many things in the Fate system. It reflects how good you are with a specific skill and how tough a test or challenge you face is.

0 Average

Aspects - Who am I?

Aspects are elements like attributes, descriptors, careers or setting ties. Aspects can be positive or negative, but they should always reflect an important element of the character. Taken as a whole Aspects should paint a picture of the character.

Aspects provide:

Aspects are invoked by spending a Fate Point. To invoke the Aspect describe how it applies to the situation and then do one of the following:

Aspects can be compelled. Compelling an Aspect applies it to the current situation, but in a way that creates complications or difficulties for the character. Playing a compelled Aspect is generally rewarded with a Fate Point. Compels from the GM may be avoided by paying a Fate Point.

Aspects of other characters can be tagged via a maneuver or observation. The tagging character may then compel that Aspect one time with no Fate Point cost. Once tagged, Aspects can be invoked at the cost of Fate Points.

Aspects can also be a temporary condition that has been invoked upon a target. For example two people are arguing at a gas pump, one decides to spray the other with gas, giving them the "Gas soaked" Aspect. Another player could then chose to invoke that Aspect with a tossed cigarette...

Skills - What can I do?

Skills are areas of knowledge or proficiencies a character has. Skills are used to resolve tests and challenges. Skills default to Mediocre unless otherwise stated. The first rank of a skill purchase increases it to Average, the second Fair, and so on.

Powers skills default to None and buying one rank starts them at Mediocre.

Extras - What do I have?

Extras are elements of a character that are not Aspects and Skills. Extras include intrinsic powers, special items, servants and contacts. Extras are bought as skills.

Fate Points

Characters begin the game with 8 Fate points, and can earn more during play. Fate points can be used to:

Fate points can be earned by doing something very dramatic. For example:


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