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Enclaves: I don't think everyone is on the same page so far as size, stability, and communication. So here's what I think (a bit of this is rehash):

  1. An enclave is any group that cooperates for mutual benefit. They can range from a pack of semi-human mutants with 10 or 20 members up to your own enclave, which is the size of a modern day town.
  2. Communications between enclaves is dicey at best, non-existent at worst. Assuming any kind of cohesive leadership that reaches across multiple enclaves is a stretch (this has some implications for The Order, more below).
  3. Organized enclaves (Villagers up by the tech descriptors on the web page) are going to be distrustful, perhaps downright hostile, to outsiders. Defense and survival are paramount. Other considerations are secondary.
  4. 80% or more of an enclave's energies are going to be directed at food production and survival. No food means YOU DIE. No guns when the mutants come means YOU DIE. Dead people are useless, except as food to some of the sub-humans out there.
  5. Did I mention cannibalism? Oh yeah, just did.