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Psychic Powers

From Scott:

There are ten known types of psychics in Push:

Possible Features & Scenarios

From Mark




I lean heavily toward the Rogue Trader theme, seconded by the Envoy/spies thing. I have a character idea that might fit into those. Actually, it would fit into the Leaders concept, too, but not very well in the Exploration or Raiders themes.

Actually, now that I think about it, Leaders could spin off easily into the Rogue Trader (well, Trader anyway) or Envoy/spies themes. I mean, we leaders might decide that some trading needs done, or some diplomacy/spying, and who better to do it than our own group? So maybe we're not the sole leaders of the community, but part of an oligarchy. We could influence the other leaders, and when a task is decided upon, we could volunteer to take the mission ourselves.

For me--I don't want to do Raiders...I do tend to try to play the good guy role...so would prefer to fight raiders...he he he

Leaders--I don't think I would be too into that one, may get too complex with dealing with our fodder to do as we are telling them too...dont want to be the overlord role directing a bunch of red shirts...but if everyone else REALLY wants to do that...then I am in...

Rogue Traders, Envoy/Spies and Exploration would be the ones I would go for...the first 2 would be my top choices...gives us a purpose... A roaming group of traders could be interesting...could get the best loot from each enclave...and could be a very powerful group over things...could influence changes in the regions while we move... And some of which is traded could be information too... Could easily be traders and envoy's for groups that trust us...though...we would trust no one...he he he

We started as envoys/spies (and occasionally still are) but once we started that task we realized the diversity of knowledge and skills that other enclaves command. And we wants it. Yes, we wants it. But, the rogue trader motif allows us to turn a profit, gain some acceptance, while still allowing us to expand our skill/knowledge base. The envoy aspect is a side business that is hinted at and left at that for the enclaves to approach us. The spying side is not advertised at all, it's just a matter of time before some enclave realizes our potential and solicits us. It's the best of all worlds.

Or is this still too close a similarity to the Revolution game?

I like that it gives us the reason to move, gives us a reason to be together no matter our character backgrounds. it gives us an almost secret nefarious objective to our trading, not only do we trade in goods but maybe we also trade in information... secrets for the powerful enclave leaders, we make friends but we also make enemies. Sometimes we steal information, we walk a fine line in a world where technology is scarce but information is even scarcer. We bring news to the people without news, we are the grease that makes the cogs go round!! And maybe money is not the only thing we are interested in.. Maybe rumors reach our ears of a city untouched by the disasters LOL (that last bit might be to close to revolutions) But we travel


I will probably stick with FUDGE as a baseline system. Everyone understands the system, and it's very easy for me to run. I will definitely put out some character creation guidelines when we're a little closer to a game. I anticipate fairly broad attributes/skills. I won't be using the on the fly rules we used in Northern. They worked fine for that game but I think I'd like more defined characters at the beginning of the game.


I only have one requirement for the game: Characters must have a reason for being together, and that reason shouldn't come from me. :) I think one of the weaknesses of the Northern game was the wide range of mostly unrelated characters hurt group cohesion a bit. I'd like to see a more closely tied group for this game.