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NCT - New Cal Tech


NCT has a rough population of 14,000, including some borderline areas like the Dead Zone and outlying independents.

Food: Farming is labor and land intensive. There are no huge mono-crop farms any more. Mixed crop agriculture combined with animal husbandry is going to be most common. Farms are spread so those farmers need local access to non-farm resources. Farms are smaller so an extended family can care for all aspects of the farm.

Fishing: Again, labor intensive, and requires shipbuilding and on-shore industry (meat processing, sail making, ship repair). Fishermen need protection from pirates, so some sort of naval force is also required.

Industry: Tools, ships, wagons and weapons. Someone has to make them. Someone has to feed those people.

Military: The outside threat means everyone who can fight learns to fight. Active militia with weekly duty patrolling the borders of the enclave. A small group of 'regular army'.

Control: Legal system, planning, organization of resources. Once you get over 5 people in a group someone has the power and uses it. Most people are followers.

So we have:

Speaking of trade... The enclave has its own form of money for local exchange. Trade with outsiders is pure barter.


The enclave was formed as a direct result of the appearance of The Order. With their superior training, resources and tactics, the locals were able to finally organize themselves and begin to rebuild society. The Order, however, was soon moved most of their forces elsewhere, in their push to expand the recovery and bring order to chaos. This left our local region under-protected and CoreSec was built to take control of duties that The Order could not--for lack of troops--or what The Order felt was not their responsibility to begin with.


The Council of Nine

There is a council of nine senior community members who guide and direct NCT's activities. The origin of the council is lost in history, but current tradition is:


CoreSec is the remnants of the military force that helped the Core establish this enclave, gaining control of this area and maintaining control over the years. To this day, they have trained handpicked soldiers to maintain order and to keep their ranks at a minimum of veteran status.

CoreSec is the military/police force for the enclave. They interact with all groups with a neutral stance. As long as you don't break Core law, everything is fine. They are tasked with keeping the peace in town, but are also assigned to outside excursions to secure things in the Core's best interest.

CoreSec provides a veteran backbone for the Militia, which is made up of all enclave residents of fighting age. A chosen subset of CoreSec and the Milita provides police and safety / emergency responder services to the rest of the enclave.

CoreSec maintains a fighting force of about 300, with an additional 100 full-time administrative and support personnel. This core force is supplemented by the Militia with sailors, soldiers and support personnel.


DBE: A small group within the enclave, perhaps only a few members. Their position is secured by their knowledge, as they control most of the medical knowledge in the enclave. Some members of the DBE may be interested in other areas of technology. They are the keepers of lore.

The School of Biologics in Honor of Our Founder, The DBE - which isn't a school per se, but more like a guild or "order" with a small "o". His School is made up of a few dozen individuals in far flung enclaves who are all descend in tutelage from a mythic founder from Pre-Fall times: The Doctor of Biomedical Engineering. The DBE (as we call him, his actual name only known to the head of our School) was the sole survivor of a Pre-Fall School that had been based at "Polycal-Campus", a Camelot kind of place where men of great learning, power and ability practiced the manipulation of nature, delved into the very secrets of the universe, used and constructed near-magical machines with capabilities unheard of today, all in the service of Mankind. The DBE, in an attempt to preserve the Pre-Fall knowledge of medicine, biochemistry and biomedical engineering, took a few talented individuals after the Fall and taught them what he knew. These protégés then dispersed throughout the war-blasted world and founded their own Schools, each one passing their knowledge down to younger generations. My character now carries on that grand tradition, constantly seeking to recover lost knowledge, particularly in the realms of biology, biochemistry, medicine and electronics related to those fields.

The Militia

All physically fit enclave citizens between the ages of 16 and 40 are required to serve in the Militia. Everyone passes through a three month boot camp process that provides basic combat and small unit skills. After boot camp, Militia members rotate to active duty three days a month plus three week-long refresher courses per year.

Active duty Militia are required to wear an identifying armband at all times. They are issued a weapon kit, generally a rifle and ammo, and are fed and housed for the duration. Those willing to perform additional Militia duty receive the same benefits, and a small wage for time served.

Militia duty includes a number of different roles:

The Order

The Order: I have no issue at all with the foundations and origins of The Order as Scott and Kelan have defined it. Basically their founder was a whack-job military nut that built a doctrine of survival. Immediately after the fall (when technology / transport was a lot more viable) they spread their discipline across the south-west. The complete collapse of technology and decimation of human populations brought that to an end, but fragments of The Order can still be found spread across the region. Unfortunately one hundred years of chaos has lead to so pretty varied interpretations of the original dogma. The Order in your enclave has been a positive (if sometimes oppressive) presence. Their discipline and martial tradition has made them a valuable asset in the defense of the enclave, but their philosophy brings them into conflict with other elements.

Rank and File

The farmers and fishermen who rely on the groups above to secure the enclave and support them. The other groups worry about the guns, security, lights and power. The Rank and File worry about food. They're closest affiliation is with The Survivors. The Order gives them something to believe in, and the DBE cures their ills.

The Survivors

The Survivors (Art's group, my name): With no strong philosophy to drive them, and little interest in the advanced knowledge of the DBE, the survivors... survive. They are the the craftsmen that build the bunkers, the workers who make your ammo. They have a hard life, caught between the dangers from outside, the dogma of The Order, and the need to survive. Who can blame them if they happen to grow a patch of ganja or poppies amidst the corn?

The groups boil down to:

Each of these groups has conflicts with the others:



DBE / Medical

Dead Zone

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NCT Regular Folk

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