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The level of technology available varies greatly by enclave. What follows is a brief discussion of various technologies and the degree they exist in the current world.


Some enclaves have at least some access to electricity, from wind, hydro-electric and bio-diesel or methane-burning generators. Energy availability varies from none to limited availability. Very few enclaves have sufficient power to support trivial uses.

Information Technology

Information technology is the huge missing link in post-Fall society. Without advanced manufacturing techniques computer technology is impossible to build, and after a hundred years almost nothing pre-Fall survives.


Powered vehicles are a rare commodity, even in advanced enclaves. Petroleum fuels are almost unknown, and other sources of energy are used for more survival oriented purposes. Bicycles and various variants are common forms of personal transportation within enclaves. Animal powered carts and wagons are used to transport goods between enclaves and for heavy moving.

There are exceptions of course. Bio-diesel and electric vehicles do exist, often being used for emergency services or defense.


The death of petroleum production has killed almost all aircraft.


Sail power is once again the king of the seas. Very few enclaves have the resources to maintain naval forces but those on the coast usually have a vessel or two at their disposal. Small independent traders are somewhat common, since ship-based transport is more secure than land routes. In fresh water, smaller craft are often used for transport, since it is generally more energy efficient. Canoes, small sailing vessels and poled barges are the most common forms of transport.


Weapon technology runs the gamut, from crude melee weapons to near-modern rifles and pistols. Advanced weapons, particularly high-tech missiles and the like, are extremely rare.

Player Technology

Since players are special cases, they potentially have access to unique technologies. I'm willing to consider anything that currently exists, even as a working prototype, for player-tech.


Here are some broad descriptors for technology levels you might encounter:

Sub-humans These groups have completely lost their humanity, becoming something else. They have no technology, and limited tool use, relying on found or crudely worked items. Sub-humans often show the worst effects of The Fall, with mutations and deformities commonplace. Illiterate.
Primitives These groups have lost technology. Any technology items in their possession are likely treated as relics rather than tools. Lack of technology does not imply lack of sophistication, and though some of these groups may have fully reverted to a primitive state, others may live without technology by choice. Some crafts practiced, but no advanced knowledge. Illiterate.
Villagers These groups have lost most advanced technology, but continue to use basic forms. Many craft skills in heavy use, with some basic technology filling specific niches in society (for example a working steam-engine tractor). They may have limited power generation. Villagers are often heavily agricultural communities. Low levels of literacy.
Makers Maker enclaves are a step above Villagers in that they have retained sufficient technology in one or more areas to actually produce tech-based products. Maker enclaves use their production to support themselves via trade with other enclaves. Makers usually have some form of power generation and one or more industries in operation. Advanced knowledge of at least one area of science is likely. At least a portion of the population is literate.
Moderns Modern enclaves have basic power generation, some manufacturing capability and stable infrastructure. They also have sufficient support technology to provide a measure of leisure time to the populace. Modern enclaves have access to a wide range of scientific knowledge, and most of the population is literate.