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We will make use of the not-completely-canon outlined below. 12 months, each of 30 days, with 5 holidays falling outside the normal calendar, and a 6th holiday occuring once each leap year.

YestarŽ New Year's day
Month 1Narwain
Month 2NŪnui
Month 3Gwaeron "great wind"
TuilŽSpring festival
Month 4Gwirith
Month 5Lothron "flowering"
Month 6Nůrui "sunny"
LoŽndŽMidsummer Day, Mid-Year
LoŽndŽ 2Festival-day on leap-years
Month 7Cerveth
Month 8Urui "hot"
Month 9Ivanneth "harvest-time"
YŠviťrŽHarvest festival
Month 10Narbeleth "sun-waning"
Month 11Hithui "misty"
Month 12Girithron "shivering"
MettarŽMidwinter Day; the last day of the year