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Character Creation / Advancement

The Rolls

The following methods are available for generating rolls. Choose one method per character, though each character can be generated differently.

Note on rolls: As usual I'm a dick about rolls. If I don't receive a direct email copy of rolls they don't count. Dice rolled are dice rolled. If you have questions about how to use the dice roller, or need help, email me. Note that the table below has pretty solid sets of rolls for any class. Be sure you want to live with the results before you commit to making a roll for attributes.

  1. Choose a set of rolls from the table below. Each player must choose unique sets of rolls, though multiple players can use the same sets. The attributes must be used in the order given.
  2. Go here and generate a single set of rolls using the 4d6 in order, drop lowest, two 15 guarantee method (you'll need to put something in the Name field to generate the roll). Make sure you send results to you and me.
  3. Go here and generate two sets of rolls using the 3d6 best of 12 method (you'll need to put something in the Name field to generate the roll). Make sure you send results to you and me. Pick one set and arrange to suit. WARNING: This method can generate POOR rolls. That's the price to arrange the dice.
Set \ AttrStrWisIntDexConCha
One 15 13 14 9 10 17
Two 14 15 15 11 10 12
Three10 14 17 8 15 16
Four 13 10 12 16 10 17
Five 17 14 13 11 14 14
Six 13 11 5 16 16 12
Seven17 12 7 16 11 15
Eight15 16 11 18 11 9
Nine 15 13 17 5 14 13
Ten 11 13 14 15 15 7
Eleven 16 15 8 14 13 12
Twelve 11 10 16 15 7 6
Thirteen 14 11 11 16 16 15
Fourteen 15 12 16 15 14 11
Fifteen 14 15 11 15 8 12
Sixteen 15 12 12 16 13 10
Seventeen 10 13 15 17 11 11
Eighteen 14 16 12 11 15 13
Nineteen 15 12 14 8 15 6
Twenty 11 15 13 13 12 16


Potential class and race combinations listed below. These are firm at this point. Maximum levels possible for each race/class combination are listed in parenthesis where appropriate.

Iron Hills Dwarf

Representatives of the Iron Hill Dwarves. Dain's kinsmen are fascinated with Moria and expeditions from the Iron Hills are quite common. Unfortunately, like Balin's original foray, they have ended in failure.

Western Dwarf

Often scorned by their more noble cousins, the Western Dwarves represent the scattered clans inhabiting hills and valleys west of the Misty Mountains. They are a less reputable class of Dwarf, though they are just as greedy as their distinguished cousins.

Elf of Mirkwood

Elves rarely have anything to do with the works of Dwarves and Men, but King Thranduil has a streak of avarice larger than most of his kind, so he encourages the boldest among his folk to join the exploration of Moria.

Elf of Lothlorien

Since the fall of Sauron, most of the inhabitants of Lothlorien sailed into the West. Those that remain are seemingly lost in a world that has left them behind, lost in a dream of past glories. Some of these Elves still seek to oppose the darkness left by Sauron's fall, and some of the Elves in Hollin fall into this group.

Half-Elven of Rivendell

Though their leader Elrond has departed Middle-Earth, many of his kindred, loyal to Arwen and the new king in Gondor, remained behind. The adventuresome among their ranks are sometimes found in Hollin, seeking their fortunes and pursuing the hated Orcs that dwell beneath the Misty Mountains.

Man of Gondor

The power of Gondor is on the rise, but not all are content with the peace. The bold, the discontent, the greedy, and the adventurous souls of Gondor are drawn to Moria, seeking glory, riches and power.

Man of Rohan

The fury of the Rohirrim, guided and channeled by Lord Eomer, still burns. The Riders of Rohan pursue the foul remnants of Sauron's army wherever it hides. Though unused to the deeps of Moria, the Rohirrim have come to see pursuit of their hated enemies in the depths as a test of manhood.

Man of the North

The Men of the North receive undue scorn from the noble Men of Gondor. They are the Northmen and Dunlendings. Lesser men, perhaps, than the noble line of Gondor, but Men with the same desires as their betters, wealth, power and fame.


Rare is the Shireling that makes the journey to Hollin, but other Hobbits of less renowned communities do show up from time to time. Like all Hobbits, they place comfort and food first, but some desire something more.



Class \ Level123456789101112
Magic User202020191919181818171717

Magic User Spells

Though the Maiar are gone, some of their lore remains. Men and Elves steeped in the lore of the Maiar can bend magical energies to their will, shaping it in the form of spells.

Magic Users will be using the traditional D&D spell system, complete with spell books and memorized spells. All spells have verbal and somatic requirements. No spells have material requirements (subject to change).

Each Magic User will begin the game with four 1st level spells known (at least one offensive, one defensive), two 2nd level spells, and one spell at each higher level. 2nd level magic users will gain one additional spell, rolled randomly by me.

Magic users can either pick one of the following spell lists, or roll randomly.

List One

List Two

List Three

List Four

Random Roll

If you choose to do random spell selection email me directly. You need to finalize your character attributes (specifically intelligence) before rolling for spells. The decision to do random spell selection is final so review the given spell lists carefully.

Clerical Spells

Clerics derive their power from the Valar. Since the Maiar's departure from Middle-Earth the devout followers of the Valar have served in their stead, redressing the hurts inflicted by the War of the Ring.

Clerics will be using the traditional D&D spell system, obtaining a fixed list of spells via prayer and meditation. All spells have verbal and somatic requirements. No spells have material requirements (this is subject to change).

Starting Gold

Go here to generate starting gold (and experience). Same deal, be sure you send rolls to you and me.

ClassStarting Gold
Cleric3d6 x10 gp
Fighter5d4 x10 gp
Magic User2d4 x10 gp
Thief2d6 x10 gp

2nd level starting characters gain an additional 2d6x10 gp. Multi-class characters roll each class and take the average as a total.

Starting Gear

All character start with the following gear / equipment.

Heirloom items will be assigned by me.


Characters start at level minimum + 1d6 x 100 XP. Multi-class characters split this starting experience between classes.

Movement Rate

Each race has its own base movement rate.

RaceMovement Base

Movement Rate Adjustments

Leather, padded, studded leather armor-1
Ring, scale, chain armor-2
Splint, banded, plate armor-3
Magical non-metal armor0
Magical metal armor-1
Weapon and shield or heavy weapon-1
Sack of Loot-1
Strength 3-5-2
Strength 6-7-1
Strength 12-13+1
Strength 14-15+2
Strength 16-17+3
Strength 18-18/50+4
Strength 18/51-18/90+5
Strength 18/91++6

Note: Movement Rate Adjustments can never raise base movement above the racial maximum, strength bonuses simply negate other penalties.

Hit Points

All hit points will be rolled randomly. All rolls of ONE will be rerolled. Go here to roll hit points, the usual rules for rolling apply.

Multi-class Hit Points

Roll each class separately and divide by two. Round DOWN for use, but keep track of the half-points. Two halves make a whole.

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency with a given weapon includes all uses of that weapon (both melee and thrown for example). Horseman's / footman's variants are one proficiency, as are light / heavy variants.

Any weapon in the PHB is available, along with two-handed axes (treat as two-handed swords). Take proficiencies as you desire with the following common weapons in mind:


Elves & Half-Elves


Hobbit (ahahahah)