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Inspiration Encyclopedia of Arda Portal: Middle-earth The Thain's Book

Magic Items

Human Enchantments

Men are the least renowned craftsmen of Middle Earth. Their works balance power with survivability. Weapons of Men are balanced between accuracy and damage, while their armor provides protection and comfort in equal measure. Human enchantments often affect the mind of the bearer and those around them, reflecting vitality and emotion.

Dwarven Enchantments

The Dwarves are the finest craftsmen of Middle Earth their weapons and armor much sought after. The items they create reflect their purpose, unencumbered by trivial enchantments. Weapons are designed to inflict damage, armor designed to protect. Dwarven enchantments often reflect their maker's preferences for stone and flame.

Elven Enchantments

Elven weapons and armor are designed with mobility, accuracy and sensitivity to danger in mind. Elven weapons typically have bonuses to hit rather than damage, while Elven armor provides standard protection with little or no weight penalty. Elven items are often enchanted to warn their bearer of danger or nearby foes, and often take on aspects of wind and wave.